COVID-19 Protocols:
Masks are required on campus when in classrooms, elevators, restrooms, and in confined spaces when more than 5 people are present.
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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Emergency Relief Assistance Forms (COVID-19)

Special Circumstances Form (Complete to Increase Graduate PLUS LOAN)
Spurgeon Bell Emergency Short Term Loan Application (Complete to borrow a short-term loan)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Grant Application (Must be completed with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Student Budget Worksheet)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Student Budget Worksheet (Must be completed with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Grant Application)
CARES Act Grant, Report on Funding Usage 10/31/2020
CARES Act Grant, Report on Funding Usage 12/31/2020


Contact Us

For assistance, please call the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, located in Suite 255 at 1303 San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX 77002.
Phone: 713-646-1820 Fax: 713-659-3807 Email: