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Emergency Notifications & Procedures

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Emergency Notifications

The SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF LAW HOUSTON ALERT EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM is designed to enhance and improve communications so that all members of the South Texas College of Law Houston campus community can stay informed in the event of an emergency.

STCL Houston Alert Notifications

The service allows students, faculty, and staff to be notified via text message and email in the event of an emergency or campus closure.

The system provides another mechanism for the college to alert the community in the event of an emergency. The system will be used only for emergency purposes. SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF LAW HOUSTON ALERT EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM will not be used to distribute advertising or other unsolicited content. Please note that subscribers to SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF LAW HOUSTON ALERT EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM will pay no fees for the service, other than any regular fees associated with their mobile text messaging services.

To initially log in to the ALERT SYSTEM, please select the applicable link below for instructions:

Emergency Procedures

To report a fire*, medical, or police emergency, dial:

  • From a campus phone: 911
  • Off campus or from a cell phone: 911
  • If safe to do so, notify the Front Security Desk at (713) 646-1743, after calling 911.

*In the event of a fire, activate the building fire alarm system BEFORE dialing 911

When calling 911:

  • Stay on the line with the dispatcher.
  • Provide the address of the building and your exact location (this is especially critical if you are calling from a cell phone).
    • College address: 1303 San Jacinto
  • Provide a thorough description of the incident to ensure that proper resources are dispatched.
  • Do NOT hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so.
  • Notify Front Security Desk at (713) 646-1743.

Complete policies and procedures are available to all students, faculty, and staff through STANLEY.

Helpful numbers

If you have any questions concerning the College’s security procedures or a concern that you prefer not to discuss with an officer but do want to notify the Director of Security, click on the e-mail address below, or call the number listed below.

*numbers in bold denote on campus phone extension.


The College offers escorts from the campus to your vehicle. Please stop at the Front Security Desk to request an escort from one of the on-site security officers.

The law school encourages you to utilize this service and recommends that you wait for the officer to meet you at the front desk before proceeding to your car or bus stop.

Safety Courses

The College’s Security Department offers a variety of crime prevention awareness sessions, ranging from Sexual Assault Prevention to “Street Smarts”. Scheduling should be arranged by calling the Director of Security and Office Services at (713) 646-1889.

Lost and Found Property

The College maintains property that is turned into the security staff. To help us return items that have been turned in to lost and found, place your name inside books, notebooks, and on personal property. Items will be kept for a period of 120 days before being disposed of in accordance with the STCL Lost and Found Policy. To check if your property has been turned in, contact the Front Security Desk at (713) 646-1743.

Street Sense

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Walk purposefully.
  • Communicate the message that you are calm, confident, know where you are going, and know what is going on around you.
  • Try not to walk alone, and avoid street solicitors.
  • Report people with suspicious behavior to the Front Security Desk at (713) 646-1743 or 911.

Vehicle Safety

  • Park in well-lighted areas so you can see your vehicle and its surroundings from as far as possible.
  • Have your keys ready before you approach your vehicle so you do not make yourself vulnerable while searching for the right key.
  • Always lock all doors whether you are in or out of your vehicle.
  • Keep the windows rolled up enough so an arm cannot fit through the opening.
  • Keep all valuables in the vehicle out of sight; take them with you or lock them in the trunk. If you must lock them in the trunk, you should do so prior to arriving at your destination to prevent becoming a victim of those suspects who watch for such an opportunity.
  • When stopping in traffic, leave enough distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you so you can pull away quickly if necessary.
  • If you think someone is following you, do not go home. Drive to the nearest police or fire station, open public area or other well-lighted areas where there are people to help you.
  • If your vehicle breaks down or runs out of gasoline, pull over to the side of the road, raise the hood, leaving enough room to see over the top and turn on your hazard lights. Get back into the vehicle, keep the doors and windows locked. If someone stops, send them for help and provide them with phone numbers.
  • Do not accept rides from anyone.
  • Be alert when using drive-up ATM machines.

Public Elevators

  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency button on the elevator.
  • Stand near the controls.
  • Do not get on an elevator with someone who worries you.
  • Get off if someone suspicious enters.
  • If you are attacked, push the alarm button or as many buttons as possible.

Campus/Office Safety

  • Do not leave your purse, book bag, or brief case unattended. Keep it with you or lock it up in a drawer, cabinet or locker.
  • Never give telephone numbers or addresses of fellow students or employees to anyone without their permission.
  • Use discretion in revealing personal plans to people at work and school.
  • Report suspicious items/behavior to the Front Security Desk at (713) 646-1743 or any of the on-site security officers.

Be Aware

  • Remember, be aware of the world around you, stay alert, and use good judgment so you can avoid becoming an easy target.

*numbers in bold denote on campus phone extension.

Message from the President & Dean

The directors and administration at South Texas College of Law Houston care greatly about the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors. It is the responsibility of all persons in the law school community to make crime prevention and awareness a priority. The information in this report is provided to you as part of this commitment and complies with the Clery Act. Let’s work together to ensure a safe and secure environment at South Texas College of Law Houston.

Campus Security

Police 911 (8-911 from a campus phone) or (713) 222-3131
Fire 911 (8-911 from a campus phone) or (713) 227-2323

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