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Transactional Practice Center

Skills-Oriented Legal Education

South Texas College of Law Houston has long been recognized as a leader in providing a professional skills-oriented legal education.  The Transactional Practice Center builds on that tradition by offering a curricular program aimed at preparing law students to become business transactional lawyers.

Educating the Next Generation of Business Lawyers

Transactional lawyers work on deals rather than cases.  They represent clients in planning, negotiating, structuring, and documenting business transactions, including banking and finance, corporate, commercial, energy, international business, real estate, and taxation.  The law school founded the Transactional Practice Center in 2004 in response to the growing demand for lawyers skilled at working with clients to design and implement the business and financial transactions that fuel our commercial economy and at advising and counseling clients on the applicable laws and regulations governing various aspects of the deal in order both to promote business prosperity and to minimize legal risk.

Transactional Practice Center Highlights


Business Transactional Lawyer Panel

Each year, the Center hosts a panel of practicing lawyers to discuss their work as a business transactions lawyer.  These panel discussions are open to all members of the South Texas College of Law Houston community, but participants in the certificate program are especially encouraged to participate.  Panelists discuss a range of topics, including the practice life of a transactional lawyer, the knowledge and skills needed for success in their area of practice, law school course planning, how law students can make themselves marketable as a transactional lawyer, and employment networking.  Recent panels include the following:

Contact Us

For further information about the Transactional Law Practice Certificate Program, the JD/MBA joint degree programs, or the curriculum, activities, and programs of the Transactional Practice Center, contact Professor John J. Worley.

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