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Student Academic Success Program

South Texas College of Law Houston’s dedication to students’ academic success takes many forms. Professors provide one-on-one support during office hours and student mentors (the Langdell Scholars) work with students after class to review course material.

Academic success resources ​from orientation until the bar exam include courses, practice opportunities, practice feedback, learning support, and insights to help students succeed in practice and their careers.

For first-year and second-year (1L and 2L) students, the Academic Success Program focuses on essential law school success skills such as case briefing, critical reading, legal analysis, legal writing, outlining, time management, and exam preparation. In addition to for-credit courses, workshops and one-on-one meetings, the Office of Academic Success team works with doctrinal faculty to provide more opportunities for students to practice and strengthen critical law school skills. Third-year (3L) students are trained to use these skills to prepare for and succeed on the bar exam.

Since its inception in 1989, the Langdell Scholar Program has played an instrumental part in our efforts to assist law students in their academic endeavors.  The Langdell Scholar Program provides guidance in mastering the framework of legal analysis, as well as with effective outlining and exam taking techniques, in the context of current course work.  The Langdell Scholar Program is a skill-building program and not a tutoring program.

The program meetings are held on Fridays and Saturdays.  There are bi-weekly meetings lasting 1-1/2 hours per session.  The meetings are led by Langdell Scholars who are upper-class law students initially nominated by a faculty member and subsequently selected by a committee for their academic achievements, class preparation, study skills, and ability to effectively communicate.

Langdell Scholars classes are designed around the following substantive law courses:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Contracts I and II
  • Criminal Law
  • Torts I and II
  • Constitutional Law
  • Property I and II
  • Evidence
  • Federal Income Tax

Please refer to the Langdell Scholar Program Class Schedule on Stanley under the Students Affairs tab for meeting dates and times.

Several Study Skills Seminars are offered each semester including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Note taking
  • Outlining
  • Exam Writing
  • Exam-Taking Strategies for Essay and Multiple Choice Exams

The Study Skills Seminars are open to any interested law student. With the exception of the Stress Management seminar, all include instruction and guidance from South Texas College of Law Houston faculty. A licensed attorney who is also a licensed counselor conducts the interactive Stress Management seminar.

Assistant Dean Lewis Singleton and Lyndsay Garmond, Assistant Director are available for one-on-one counseling by appointment and on a limited drop-in basis. We encourage students to stop by the office to discuss any aspect of their legal education. We have an open-door policy and are eager to provide students with the assistance that will contribute to their success during law school and beyond. Students are invited to our office for material on outlining, stress management, exam-taking techniques, and practice exams. Students may seek assistance with course selection, scheduling, study skills, and exam taking strategies from Assistant Dean Lewis Singleton or Lyndsay Garmond.

Academic Success office

Contact The Office of Student Academic Success

Preyal Shah, Dean
(713) 646-1835

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