Student Organizations

The Student Organizations Office develops and administers policies and procedures regarding all student organizations. The office advises student organizations, coordinates their activities, and allocates expenditures. The office also approves postings, announcements and facility arrangements for student-sponsored functions and events, in addition to assigning office space.

Students at South Texas College of Law Houston have the opportunity to become members of numerous student organizations representing a variety of interests. The Student Organizations Websites link provides a list of current or recently active organizations at the college.  Students desiring to form a new organization should contact the Student Organizations Office in Suite 234C for procedures to follow in gaining recognition for their group.

The Student Organizations Office is also responsible for assigning student lockers.

For assistance, please contact either:
Kirk C. Guillory, Director, Student Engagement, Student Organizations, or call 713-646-1845
Mandi Gibson, Vice President, Student Services and Support, or call 713-646-1702