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Below are electronic submission forms and policy to assist you in hosting an on-campus event or meeting.

Event requests involving contracts, insurance requirements, outside businesses or agencies or large venues must be submitted four weeks in advance of event date. No student may sign a contract on behalf of a STCL Houston student organization.

We suggest your first review the Student Organization Handbook. If you find you need more information on any topic after reading the student organization handbook and reviewing each of the forms listed below, feel free to contact the Office of Student Engagement for assistance at studentengagement@stcl.edu.

  • Student Organization Handbook – The South Texas College of Law Houston Student Organization Handbook is a tool for student organization officers and advisors. It is a reference for campus policies and procedures, information on leading your student organization, tips on how to perform everyday functions (such as signing up for meeting space and recruiting members) and how to become a registered student organization.
  • AV Request Form – Required two business days before event/meeting if you want to play a video, show a PPT, or have microphones for panelists.
  • Consent to Serve as Event Facilitator Form – Required ten business days prior to date of event.
  • Deposit Slip – When receiving cash during on an on-campus fundraiser please complete this form and submit with cash to the Office of Student Engagement. You will be given a deposit receipt for your records.
  • Student Organization Fundraising Application Form – Required at least two weeks before funds are needed.
  • Photo & Video Release Form – All speakers visiting the law school are required to complete this form prior to event/meeting. Download this form to your computer, complete and email to studentengagement@stcl.edu.
  • Reimbursement Form – Complete this form to be reimbursed for all student organization expenses incurred on behalf of a meeting or event. Instructions are included in the form.
  • Speaker Request Form – Required five business days prior to event if planning to invite an outside speaker who is not a faculty or staff member.
  • Student Fundraising Policy – Details South Texas’ policy on student fundraising.
  • Student Organization Event/Meeting Request Form – Every event, including weekly meetings, tabling events, speaker panels or any other on-campus activity must be submitted for approval two weeks prior to date of event/meeting.
  • Texas Sales and Tax Exempt Certificate – To claim exemption from tax upon a purchase for a student organization event. Purchaser will be responsible for sales tax if purchases are made without using this tax exemption certificate. Add date prior to submitting to vendor.

Please contact the Office of Student Engagement if you have any questions at studentengagement@stcl.edu.

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