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Student Lockers

A limited number of lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for enrolled students accessible via your STANLEY portal:

  • Campus Life
  • Student Quick Links
  • Locker Agreement (Fall 2020 forward)

To use the locker service, you must agree to our Terms of Agreement. You can request a locker at any time during the year, except between June 1 through July 31. You may retain your locker up until the first day of the bar exam, at which time please ensure you empty your locker.

You are required to obtain your lock for the locker. We suggest you obtain the TSA-Accepted Nickel Set-Your-Own Combination Luggage Padlock. 1-3/16 in. wide durable metal body padlock; 3-dial set-your-own combination convenience.

Students assigned a locker before the 2020 fall term may retain lockers through graduation. For combination look-up please access the Locker Combination link.

If you have any questions please email studentengagement@stcl.edu. Please note: If you no longer use or need your locker, please release the locker in your STANLEY portal and notify the Office of Student Engagement via studentengagement@stcl.edu.

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