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Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlight: Gabriela A. Lopez-Ruperto, 3L

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Growing up Latinx in the United States is different for all of us; we all have different experiences and connections with our respective cultures. I love Hispanic Heritage Month because it gives us an opportunity to share our experiences, and rejoice within our community and with those around us.

However, Hispanic Heritage Month is not just for those who are Latinx. We live and celebrate our cultures every day. This month gives everyone else a chance to expand their knowledge and understanding of our cultures. Often, Latinx people are grouped as one without the acknowledgment that we have different food, art, music, and dialects. Our cultural differences derive from the fact that we were colonized by different countries, such as Spain, France, and Portugal. The interactions between those who colonized and occupied our countries, and the native Indians is what created our distinct cultural differences.

I encourage both Latinx and non-Latinx people to learn more about our cultures. Go beyond the Instagram posts, and your school’s textbooks. Explore different Latinx authors if you love to read. Explore various shows and movies created and cast by Latinx artists if you love TV and film (I promise we have more than just our amazing telenovelas.) Explore different foods if you are a foodie, ESPECIALLY here in Houston.

We all have a part in making this month special. Thank you to everyone who has and will take the initiative to participate during this month. The Hispanic Law Student Association welcomes everyone, regardless of whether you are Latinx or an ally.

Some countries in the Caribbean have been hit by Hurricane Fiona. Much of my country, Puerto Rico, has been without power and water for over a week now (as of September 26). If you can, please donate to local initiatives in these countries and share our stories.

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