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South Texas College of Law Houston Recognized By The Princeton Review for Quality Learning Environment and Accessible, Interesting Professors

The Princeton Review  has named South Texas College of Law Houston to its 2023 Best Law Schools list. Citing the law school’s “outstanding academics,” The Princeton Review  noted that South Texas law students gave the school high marks for having interesting and accessible professors and a quality learning environment.

Current students praised South Texas’s academic curriculum, noting that it “provides a well-reasoned balance between theoretical and practical education” and that it emphasizes critical thinking skills as well as hands-on applications: “The professors truly try to get you to start thinking like a lawyer from day one. They ask you the right questions to lead you down the path to the answer on your own, without giving you the answer.”

Current students also praised their professors, giving South Texas professors scores of 94 (on a scale of 60-99) on both teaching and accessibility. The students noted that “the professors are all extremely qualified….” They will give you a broad understanding of the law, as “the school has strategically sought out professors from a wide range of backgrounds: some the typical academics (Harvard-educated, brilliant résumé of publications), some working for the government… and some as experts in their fields in private practice….”

“While no rankings can fully capture the distinctive qualities of our law school, it makes a difference that The Princeton Review  asks our students — the people who actually appreciate the strength of the academics and experiential opportunities at South Texas College of Law Houston for their perspective,” said President and Dean Michael F. Barry. “I am not surprised students give high marks to our professors; we have one of the most engaging and accessible faculties of any law school in the nation.”