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Alumni Profile: Young social media influencer builds independent law firm

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Tommy Kherkher ’18, a young alum who started his own law firm at age 24, was one of the most-watched attorneys on social media this past year. His 398,000 YouTube subscribers have viewed his videos more than 240 million times, and his 700,000 TikTok followers have videos about topics he really wanted to discuss.

He realized clients wanted to work with someone they trusted, not someone who “acts like a lawyer should act.” That eye-opening realization was the foundation for the advice he now gives new lawyers and law students: “Focus on becoming the type of lawyer you want to be.”

Kherkher began making videos as a way to build his business. He had dreamed of becoming a lawyer since he was 8, when his dad, Steve Kherkher ’89, began bringing him to the courthouse. His parents met at South Texas, his sister Samantha ’18 also attended, and he grew up around other STCL Houston law school alumni.

“South Texas was a natural choice for me, and it was the right choice,” he said. After graduating cum laude from STCL Houston in just 2 1/2 years, Kherkher started his own law firm.

“I took a different path than most law school alumni,” Kherkher said. “Most people pad their resumes and build up their professional experience and reputation before flying solo. It’s an uphill battle to start your own business, no matter your age.”

As a “hungry young lawyer with no clients,” Kherkher knew he needed to find a way to stand out among his peers and competition and prove he was ready to take on significant legal cases.

While studying political science as an undergraduate at the University of California Santa Barbara, Kherkher did not learn marketing or videography. His only side hustle was golf, joining the UCSB team after winning a state championship with St. Thomas High School in Houston.

“I was told I was an idiot for starting my own firm so young,” he said. “Nobody wanted to give me the time of day or trust me. I knew I had to launch myself into the market, so I decided to use two tools I had right in front of me: my webcam and keyboard. I started making videos out of pure necessity, but now it’s pure joy.”

His unique marketing strategy seems to be working well. Thanks in part to the success of his videos, Kherkher recently opened a second office in Louisiana with five employees.

Because Kherkher’s videos on YouTube and TikTok are so popular, he now lives a dual life: that of a practicing attorney and a social media influencer. Every day, he divides his time between helping “the little guy” win personal injury cases and producing multiple videos. He now has two full-time video editors on staff to help him.

Kherkher said his excellent South Texas education made it possible to launch a successful, independent law firm in his mid- 20s. He particularly credits Professor Ted Field’s Torts class and Professor Geoffrey Corn as major inspirations.

His greatest inspiration and mentor, however, is his dad. The two have partnered on several cases through his dad’s practice, Kherkher Garcia.

“Tommy has taught me more than I have taught him,” said Steve Kherkher. “When I was in law school, success was based solely on reputation. We weren’t taught about taking out ads or marketing. What Tommy’s done really impresses me, and his videos keep getting better and better. All my partners and friends are impressed with what he’s done too.”

Kherkher’s video skills have come in handy during collaborations with his father. He has helped record client testimonials after a big case is won or settled. “When clients brag about how well we take care of them,” Kherkher said, “it makes a huge difference.”

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