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Alumni Spotlight: Tara Taheri ’11, Executive Producer of Night Court 2022

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Alumni Spotlight: Tara Taheri ’11

Tara Taheri ’11, a native Houstonian and senior privacy associate at Baylor College of Medicine, is executive producer of Night Court 2022, “Justice by the Dozen,” set Aug. 17-20 at the Hobby Center. Part of the proceeds benefit the Randall O. Sorrels Legal Clinics at South Texas College of Law Houston. Go here for tickets, and use the promo code STCL to get $5 off.

In this Q&A, Taheri shares insights about producing Night Court and being a proud second-generation STCL Houston alum.

What is Night Court and how did you get involved?

Night Court is Houston’s all-lawyer theater company that performs an original musical comedy annually at the Hobby Center in downtown Houston. It is a public 501(c)(3) charity that donates its proceeds to Houston-area charities that provide free legal services to people in need here in our community. This includes the Randall O. Sorrels Legal Clinics at South Texas.

I became involved with Night Court in 2014. I love the nonprofit’s mission, and I have a passion for singing, dancing, and acting. This show is a fantastic way to blend my interests. In addition, I remembered Dean Helen Jenkins discussing Night Court during law school. I had the honor of performing with her in the show several times!

What keeps you involved in Night Court?

Working together to help people who need free legal services means so much to me. Lawyers in Night Court wear many hats. They build and paint sets for the stage, rehearse songs, learn choreography, and more in just six weeks.

It is emotional to experience the creative role everyone plays while bringing together a successful show that impacts our community. I want to note that Night Court couldn’t exist without the generous support of donors and sponsors. They are pivotal in the organization’s mission. It’s been an honor to share the stage with incredibly gifted and sensational people, and to connect off-stage with noble, passionate charity leaders.

Switching gears a bit, what made you decide to become a lawyer?

I grew up listening to my dad, Dr. Marshall Taheri ’73, tell stories of helping others in his role as an attorney. It really resonated with me and was a driving factor in my decision to attend law school. Advocating for others and for animals is extremely important to me.

Why did you choose South Texas Law?

My dad always spoke highly of South Texas College of Law Houston. It’s a family-like environment and the professors are outstanding. They not only teach the law but really demonstrate preparation and professionalism.

How does it feel for STCL Houston to be such a big part of your family?

It’s tremendous feeling. We all had the great experience of studying at a top-notch school. My sister, Sara Taheri ’11, attended South Texas at the same time. Law school is such a memorable experience, and it was especially memorable that we were here together. We didn’t often study together, but we talked about classes and challenges and professors.

We had the same classes for the first year and then we branched off into our areas of specific interest. Though Sara and I are not twins, people sometimes confused us or wondered which of us was older.

What are family dinners like?

They are interesting! We frequently discuss current legal cases and ask each other for our opinions and thoughts. In addition, Dad enjoys discussing, generally, about some of his past cases. He loves the law. It’s always been his passion.

How did your experience at South Texas shape you as a lawyer?

Since the professors emphasized preparation and presentation, it provided a stellar legal foundation combined with confidence.

What student organizations, if any, were you part of while attending law school?

I was a senior senator, worked as a Lexis Nexis Associate, and served as a member of the Animal Law Society, and Sports and Entertainment Law. Annually, I participated as a student marshal at graduation, dabbled a little in mock trial, and was added to the Garland R. Walker American Inn of Court, where I’m still a member.

Was there a particular law professor who made a big difference in your education or career path?

Although, she wasn’t my professor, Dean Helen Jenkins and I have had a chance to perform together, and she introduced me to Night Court. She’s an amazing professor and friend. In addition, Professor Lisa Dahm was a major influence in introducing me to privacy and security in the healthcare sector. She and Dean Jenkins are still my mentors to this day!

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now? What are your goals?

Privacy and Security are interesting to me, and I hope to continue down this path for many years. Additionally, since being in the role of media chair for Night Court, I’ve become intrigued by media relations and consider dabbling more in that area as well. I studied music as an undergraduate and played in an all-original local band. In addition, I used to sing with the band at church and currently perform in Commissioner Cagle’s Shakespeare in the Shade. Performing is a passion that will always be a part of my life.

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