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Finding Love in Law School: A South Texas Love Story

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Jeannine C. ’85 and Patrick M. Flynn ’77

Patrick, a radio newsman, met Jeannine, a disc jockey, at Central Florida’s WKIS radio, where both were earning their way through college. Pat became attracted to the legal profession while covering the Orlando courthouse news. When Patrick decided to go to law school, he heard of a number of Florida people were headed to South Texas College of Law Houston. He followed the crowd to get to Texas as fast as he could!

Patrick married Jeannine just after arriving in Houston, though he did not tell her that her purpose would be to go to work and help Patrick complete law school — which she did do. That all worked out for Jeannine when, following his 1977 graduation, Patrick reciprocated the favor by helping Jeannine graduate from STCL Houston in 1985. Both are board certified in their fields (Patrick, labor and employment law, and Jeannine, probate and estate planning) each has enjoyed the benefits of their law school educations for nearly 50 years.

Pati Limon-Rodriguez, 3L, and Judge Raul Rodriquez ’91

My law school journey wasn’t a traditional one. While Raúl and I didn’t meet in law school, we did meet because earning a law degree was one of my goals. Neither of us can remember exactly when we met, but we’re certain the law had something to do with it. After we got married, I would attend STCL Houston alumni events with him. Being at the school felt like home, and the goal felt more attainable. Now I’m a 3L.

Over the last two years, he’s walked me to school, carried my books, joined me at rooftop socials, and brought me lunch while I was studying for finals. The last step will be hooding me this coming December. I couldn’t ask for a better law school experience, and there really is no place like home. Even though we didn’t meet here, we are proud to be South Texas Sweethearts!

Amber Burton Alfred ’12 and Johnny Alfred ’12

Our love story quietly began in the dynamic environment of STCL Houston, surrounded by endless case briefs and legal terms. Fate brought us together in the student lounge, and from class lectures to late nights in the library, our bond grew stronger. We were each other’s study buddies, debate partners, and the reason behind countless laughs that filled the halls. 

After graduating in 2012, equipped with our degrees and big aspirations, our relationship became even stronger. We got married and have supported each other through every milestone and challenge in our respective careers, proving the resilience of our partnership. After almost thirteen years together, our love and commitment to each other is stronger than ever – even during our occasional in-house legal debates. From academic halls to further adventures in parenting and professional achievements, our story highlights the lasting power of love, determination, and shared ambitions. 

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