Jeffrey L. Rensberger

Vice President for Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, Professor of Law, and Charles Weigel II Research Professor of Conflict of Laws

B.A., Wabash College
J.D., Indiana University at Bloomington

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil Procedure
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Federal Courts and Jurisdiction



Office: 607T

Jeff Rensberger is a Professor of Law and Vice-President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Research.  He teaches Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Complex Litigation, and Property.  He has written scholarly works on civil procedure and conflict of laws issues.  His work on the conflict of laws issues raised by same-sex marriages in particular is widely known.  He has previously served as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (1999-2005).  In his role as Vice-President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Research, he has oversight over the implementation of South Texas College of Law Houston College of Law’s Strategic Plan and also is responsible for a variety of internal research projects.  He has served on several committees of the Law School Admissions Council and on three ABA law school accreditation Site Inspection teams.  He earned his undergraduate degree in English from Wabash College, graduating cum laude and with Distinction on his Senior Comprehensive Final Examination.  He obtained his J.D., magna cum laude, from Indiana University (Bloomington) where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Indiana Law Journal.  After law school, he served as a clerk for two years to Judge Leroy Contie on United States Court of Appeals the Sixth Circuit and then worked at Kirkland and Ellis in commercial litigation.


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