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Student Spotlight, Nicholas Pelker, 2L

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Nicholas Pelker, 2L

Meet Nicholas Pelker, 2L, and learn more about his story at South Texas Law in this Student Spotlight by the Career Resource Center. 

Q: Why did you choose to attend South Texas College of Law Houston? 

A: I chose South Texas Law because of the friendly, communal environment here. I am from a tiny rural town and went to a small liberal arts college for my undergrad. I wanted to attend a law school with a similar feel, and I felt good about South Texas College of Law Houston after visiting and meeting some of the faculty.

Q: Where are you working next summer?

A: I will be a summer associate with Norton Rose Fulbright in Houston.

Q: How did you secure that employment opportunity?

A: I went through the school’s On-Campus Interview (OCI) process.

Q: How did the Career Resource Center (CRC) help you successfully navigate the recruitment process? 

A: The CRC helped me from start to finish. I met with my career counselor, Marie, during my first year of school to prep for interviews and to make sure my resume was in good shape. Later, I got all my interviews through the OCI process, which the CRC facilitates. I did practice interviews with Marie and with third parties brought in through the CRC. They even looked over my applications to check for spelling errors and typos and gave me advice about how to accept an offer. I came to law school with little to no familiarity with the legal profession, and the CRC helped me build the confidence to interview well and succeed.

Q: What are your career goals for the future?

A: I would like to stay in Houston. I am someone who likes to plant roots and grow. I have loved getting to know the folks at Norton Rose Fulbright and am looking forward to spending this summer with them. I would love to plant roots there.

Q: What advice would you share with future generation of students going through recruitment?

A: It is important to utilize the CRC. No matter how good you are at interviewing, you could always be better. It is rare that someone gets the opportunity to have their resume, interviewing skills, and presentation critiqued for free. Most people figure it out by trial and error, so use the CRC to give you a leg up. Apply widely. You can always turn down a callback interview for good reason, but you can’t retroactively apply somewhere you wish you would have. Familiarize yourself with the OCI process and commit to it fully.

Q: Which professors have influenced you and or your career path the most? 

A: Probably my two Legal Research and Writing professors, Professor Rempell and Professor Solomon, were most influential. I considered myself a competent writer for most of my academic career, but I struggled to adapt to legal writing, which is very much its own thing. Both professors met with me multiple times and pushed me to my fullest potential. Professor Solomon broke things down to a granular level, and Professor Rempell guided and encouraged me to try new things and believe in my abilities. I am glad I had them both in my first year of law school.

Q: What student organizations have you been involved with?

A: I am involved in the Christian Legal Society. We meet each week for a Bible study on campus. I also am a Presidential Fellow.

 Q: Beyond the Career Resource Center, how has the law school community supported your growth?

A: I have never encountered a professor who would not meet with me outside class. The optional Langdell sessions are a built-in way to review for class and ask more questions. The school provides a lot of chances to get help when you’re struggling with a concept, and I have tried to use most of them.

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