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Student Spotlight: Brandt Wild, 2L

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Meet Brandt Wild, 2L and learn more about his story at South Texas Law in this Student Spotlight by the Career Resource Center. 

Why did you choose to attend South Texas Law? 

I chose South Texas because of the school’s mission, which displays a commitment to diversity and community service. The law school’s ideal location downtown and the collegiate community also attracted me. 

Where are you working this summer? 

I’ll be working at the Harris County Public Defender’s Office.

How did you secure that employment opportunity? 

I secured this employment opportunity with the help of the Career Resource Center.

How did the CRC help you successfully navigate the recruitment process? 

The CRC’s guidance was instrumental throughout the recruitment process. From helping me prepare my application materials to mock interviews, and everything in between, everyone at the CRC has helped me. I owe a special thank you to my CRC Advisor Marie Garcia for always being there for me.

What are your career goals for the future? 

I plan to continue to pursue criminal defense and practice as a criminal defense attorney. 

What is something interesting about you we can’t learn from your resume? 

I used to ride dirt bikes when I was younger. 

Which professors have influenced you and or your career path the most? 

I always say I am good at legal citations because of Professor Shu. I also am very thankful for my faculty advisor, Professor Peters, for my law review comment on judicial clemency.

What student organizations have you been involved with? 

Law Review, AMICUS, and the Muslim Legal Society. 

Beyond the CRC, Career Resource Center, how has the South Texas Law community supported your growth?

The Langdell Scholar program was extremely helpful in helping me better understand the substantive material from my classes and how to take exams for specific professors. In addition, the criminal advocacy track classes have helped me learn how to become a better speaker and advocate. 

What advice would you share with the law students going through recruitment? 

Not everyone’s pathway to practice will look the same, so avoid comparing yourself to others. 

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