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Student Spotlight: Ana Navas, 1L

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Meet Ana Navas, 1L and learn more about her story at South Texas Law in this Student Spotlight by the Career Resource Center. 

Why did you choose to attend South Texas Law? 

I came to an open house and heard Dean Barry talk about the South Texas community. He said law school is hard anywhere you go so you might as well be surrounded by people who support you. I have found this to be true in my time at the school. 

Where are you working this summer?

I will be joining the Vinson & Elkins Houston office as a summer associate. 

How did you secure that employment opportunity?

The Career Resource Center hosts an On-Campus Interview (OCI) event that exposed me to the opportunity. I applied through the company portal and the SCTL Houston portal.

How did the Career Resource Center help you successfully navigate the recruitment process?

They helped with EVERYTHING! I could not have done it without them. I would not have known this opportunity was available if the CRC had not exposed me to it through OCI. I emailed my career advisor, Marie, every step of the way (maybe too many times), and she answered all my questions and gave me amazing advice.

What is something interesting about you that we can’t learn from your resume?

I was born in Venezuela and lived most of my life in Puerto Rico. I am extremely proud of my Latina heritage and never pass up an opportunity to showcase it. I have really been enjoying embracing my curls and my culture during the interviewing process. 

What are your career goals for the future?

I would love to continue working in Big Law. I would also love to clerk for a judge for a year when I graduate from law school. 

What advice would you share with law students going through recruitment?

Don’t underestimate yourself. Trust that you have done the work and deserve the job, even if you are afraid to apply for it. Rely on your CRC advisor; they have seen it all and will advise you better than anyone else could. 

Which professors have influenced you and or your career path the most? 

Every one of my 1L professors influenced me and helped me in some form on my career path. Dean Goodman helped me become comfortable with my legal writing, Professor Lewinbuk helped me become confident speaking in cold calls, and Professor Ricks exposed me to transactional law. I am grateful to have had such passionate professors who love their job and are dedicated to their students. 

What student organizations have you been involved with?

I am involved with the Women’s Law Society and the Hispanic Law Students Association.

Beyond the Career Resource Center, how has the law school community supported your growth?

The South Texas Law community is extremely supportive. I feel comfortable saying that anyone at the school is willing to support you with anything you need. Both faculty and staff have an open-door policy, and STCL Houston makes it easy for anyone to find people they can connect to and bond with. I have made amazing friends in just a few months. I believe this law school community is a big contributing factor to my success this first semester. 

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