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South Texas Alumna Leads Fellow Soldiers from Across the Globe

True to the South Texas College of Law Houston mission, one accomplished alumna is “serving the community and the profession with distinction” – in addition to serving her country and leading her fellow soldiers from halfway across the globe.

U.S. Army JAG Captain Barkley Bryant ’15 recently enjoyed the privilege of administering the reenlistment oath to one of her soldiers at the Żagań military base in Poland, where she currently is deployed.

Two years ago, Bryant herself asked STCL Houston Professor Geoffrey S. Corn to administer the military oath to her to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic… and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office,” thereby earning her commission as a first lieutenant in the Army. Corn also swore Bryant into the State Bar of Texas at that time, a ceremony witnessed by STCL Houston President and Dean Donald J. Guter – former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy and a retired Rear Admiral.

Following Bryant’s swearing-in, Corn – whose 22-year military career included serving as the U.S. Army’s Senior Law of War Expert Advisor – said, “Barkley epitomizes the intelligence and tenacity characteristic of a judge advocate. She brings honor to South Texas College of Law Houston, her family, and her country.”

Bryant also remarked, “To have a career based on the selfless service of others is more fulfilling than I could have imagined when I first began law school. Professor Corn encouraged me to apply for the Army JAG Corps, an idea that had been formulating in my mind for some time. I now know it was what I was meant to do. Today, nothing excites me more than using my legal skills to help people in the numerous ways members of the U.S. Army JAG Corps do every day.”