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Student Spotlight: Justin Simons-Varley, 1L

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Meet Justin Simons-Varley, 1L and learn more about his story at South Texas Law in this Student Spotlight by the Career Resource Center. 

Why did you choose to attend South Texas College of Law Houston? 

I chose South Texas Law because I wanted a personalized education at a competitive law school that has established a culture of fostering growth and development.

What is something interesting about you we can’t learn from your resume? 

I have a deep fascination with the ancient history of our world.

Where are you working this summer?

I will be working at NASA with the Office of the General Counsel as a legal intern at Johnson Space Center and Stennis Space Center.

How did you secure that employment opportunity?

Marie, my advisor at the Career Resource Center, promoted the job posting on LinkedIn. I applied to the role through this job posting.

How did the Career Resource Center help you successfully navigate the recruitment process?

I am a second-career law student. The CRC was very helpful in discerning the strengths from my prior engineering experience that would be relevant in the legal field. This allowed me to translate my technical application materials into a more digestible format. The CRC team also provided ample opportunities to practice legal interviews.

What are your career goals for the future?

I would like to work in an environment that challenges me and allows me to work on complex legal matters for large clients.

What advice would you share with future law students going through recruitment?

The recruitment process is unique in that a vast majority of the work has been done before recruitment begins. My advice would be to take a holistic approach to the academic year and understand that everything you do early in the semester leads to the goal of a successful recruitment.

Which professors have influenced you and or your career path the most? 

STCL Houston has the best roster of professors I have ever encountered. Professor Browne-Barbour and Professor Jankowski helped me quickly acclimate to the extensive preparation and understanding of the facts expected in the legal field. Professor Hogan and Professor Worley helped me understand the logical processes considered in the creation of policy and how they “just make sense.” Professor Whitmire helped me transition my previous writing experience to concise and objective predictive legal writing.

What student organizations have you been involved with?

Phi Delta Phi

Beyond the CRC, how has the South Texas Law community supported your growth?

The law school offers connections to a strong community. There are countless events and alumni in every field and practice area you can reach out to. The support systems and learning opportunities provided by the school and by the broader extracurricular and alumni communities are invaluable for a law student.

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