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Delta Theta Phi

Delta Theta Phi – International EE Townes Senate

Requirements for Joining Members:

Delta Theta Phi, EE Townes Senate, has a proud tradition of accepting all law students in good standing. History has shown that any student who graduates and passes the State Bar may go on to become an outstanding attorney. We ask only that you join, engage in our activities, and go forth to uphold the good reputation of our beloved fraternity.

How to Join:

You may go by the Delta Theta Phi office in Room 301 and fill out an application. There are applications outside the door or you can stop by when someone is in. There is a Life-Time Membership fee of $95.00. As of January 1, 2015 it will go to $110.00. You will receive a Delta Theta Phi pin, membership certificate, and a subscription to “The Paper Book,” a Delta Theta Phi magazine. For more information, email

About Delta Theta Phi:

The E.E. Townes Senate of Delta Theta Phi was chartered at South Texas College of Law Houston on July 20, 1956 and is an extension of the National Delta Theta Phi Fraternity.  Many famous people are members of this fraternity: President Lyndon Johnson, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day Oconner, and Senator Tower of Texas, just to name a few. For a great ride through the history of Delta Theta Phi, go to the National Delta Theta Phi History web page.

Delta Theta Phi contributes to student life by sponsoring events with the Student Bar Association, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Big Bothers and Big Sisters of Southeast Texas, and Texas Southern University-Burns Senate.

On occasion, initiations are held at the Kirby Mansion, 2000 Smith St. amidst distinguished alumni and active student members.


Delta Theta Phi makes a National Scholarship Award each year to its midlaw members in the top 7.5 percent of their class and senior members in the top 15 percent of their class.  The EE Townes Senate also awards the Carmody Delts Scholarship, funded by Kenneth H. Burns, to members who have demonstrated leadership and service to the fraternity.  Once each year, the E.E. Townes Senate presents the Bert H. Tunks Award to its outstanding student member.

For other awards offered by Delta Theta Phi, go to AWARDS FOR STUDENTS, STUDENT SENATES, ALUMNI & ALUMNI SENATES at the National Delta Theta Phi Fraternity web site.


The Adelphia Law Journal is a cooperative enterprise intended to serve the local senates of Delta Theta Phi. The Adelphia publishes articles, notes, and commentaries reflecting both legal analysis and literary expression; and, as a reflection of its accomplishments, was in 1985 accepted by the Index to Legal Periodicals as well as other similar indexes, reference guides and authorities.

Every year, the National Editorial Board of the Adelphia chooses a senate from among those which apply to undertake the rigorous challenge of editing and publishing that years’ issue of the review.  Once chosen, the senate is committed to extensive editorial review, proof-reading, and cite-checking of all submissions.

Other Membership Benefits:

RM: 301C

Mailing Address:
1303 San Jacinto, Suite 120C
Houston, Texas 77002

2021-2022 Officers

Dean Marcos Saldivar
Vice Dean Vacant