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CURRENTS: JIEL publishes articles and essays by scholars and legal practitioners.  The journal also publishes a feature on breaking issues in international economic law:

  • International trade in goods and services at the multilateral, regional and unilateral level
  • Areas of law relating to international business transactions (dealing with the sale and distribution of goods/services; intellectual property rights and licensing of such rights; foreign direct investment (and dispute resolution connected to such investment)
  • International antitrust/competition law
  • International anti-corruption efforts
  • Export controls/sanctions
  • Financing of international transactions
  • International Development law
  • International Dispute resolution (including ADR, international commercial arbitration, international investment arbitration)
  • International environmental law as it connects to trade and transactions
  • International labor law as it connects to trade and transactions

It is the goal of CURRENTS: JIEL would like to establish even closer connections to the global marketplace represented by the city of Houston by reaching out to the business community for the following:

  • Lawyers, business leaders, and economists willing to suggest ideas and speakers for a regular symposium series in the journal devoted to areas of international practice of significance to Texas, and therefore the United States (either annual or biennial)
  • Lawyers, business leaders, and economists willing to serve a board members for the newly reimagined journal

What can the journal and the Institute offer?

  • A thirty-year journal available on all electronic platforms – LEXIS. Westlaw, Hein Online – with an established readership
  • A tradition of putting on symposia and conferences in the field of international economic law
  • A location in downtown Houston for putting on programs related to any aspect of international trade and business under the sponsorship of STCLH and the IILP & NS.

Editorial Board


Editor in Chief

Catherine Welch

Managing Editor

John Logan Wilson (Fall 2022)

Morgan McDaniel (Spring 2023)

Executive Editor

Miranda Mann

Articles & Notes Editors

Charles Mills (Fall 2022)

Matthew Rommelmann (Fall 2022)

Alec Zorich (Fall 2022)

Irvin Quiroz

Ashley Mozey  (Spring 2023)

Kelley Stripling

  Sara Memi (Spring 2023)

Associate Dean for Academics and Professor Cherie O. Taylor is the Director of the Institute for International Legal Practice & National Security (IILP & NS) at South Texas College of Law Houston.  She founded CURRENTS: JIEL in 1991-1992 with Assistant Dean Elizabeth A. Dennis.

Associate Dean Taylor developed the international economic law curriculum of the law school and teaches courses on international business transactions (International Business Transactions, Transactional Skills: International Business Transactions), international law, and international trade.  Prior to joining the faculty of the law school, Associate Dean Taylor received her JD at the University of Georgia and her LL.M in International Law at Georgetown University Law Center. She practiced law, after completing a judicial clerkship with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, with the Washington, D.C. firm of Steptoe & Johnson. At Steptoe, Associate Dean Taylor worked for the International Trade group of the firm and focused on import relief actions, Section 301 cases, and advising clients on U.S. trade legislation, on multilateral trade issues, and on regional trade agreements. During her career at the law school, Associate Dean Taylor has been an active member of the International Economic Law Interest Group at the American Society of International Law (ASIL) and has served both as a Vice-Chair and Chair of the interest group. Associate Dean Taylor’s scholarship has been largely devoted to regionalism in international trade and to the work of the World Trade Organization (WTO), particularly its dispute settlement system. In recent years, Associate Dean Taylor has devoted many of her efforts to developing skills-based curriculum on international business transactions, international corporate compliance, and international arbitration.

Fall 2023 Currents Centennial Symposium:

The Crossroads of International Arbitration, Finance, and Investment

 October 20th, 2023, 9:00am-5:30pm

South Texas College of Law Houston – Joe Green Hall

Email Jake Hubble
Manager, Scholarly Publications

Eligibility Requirements for CURRENTS: JIEL

  • Good Academic Standing,
  • At least two (2) semesters remaining,
  • Completion of 20 credit hours, and
  • Completion of LRW I & II


Students must successfully complete the write-on competition packet and be chosen for membership based on their demonstrated superior writing and editing skills. The write-on competition is held three times yearly, twice in the summer and once in the winter, with members starting on CURRENTS: JIEL in the fall and spring semesters, respectively.

Membership Requirements for CURRENTS: JIEL

  • Edit articles and student notes
  • Work collaboratively on CURRENTS EVENTS  feature on breaking issues in international economic law
  • Write a Student Note
  • Student Notes are 30 pages in length with substantial footnotes authored by CURRENTS: JIELstaff at South Texas College of Law Houston. Notes examine a timely and relevant analysis about an international economic law issue approved by the Faculty Advisor.

Submission Guidelines

Academics, practitioners, and government officials are invited to submit articles or essays for publication. CURRENTS: JIEL encourages short articles and essays but is happy to consider for review manuscripts of any length. CURRENTS: JIEL does not accept submissions from current law students outside of South Texas College of Law Houston.

How to Submit

CURRENTS: JIEL will accept manuscript submissions electronically via:

Submission Requirements

All submissions must be accompanied by an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV). Articles must be in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect format when submitted. CURRENTS: JIEL uses endnotes for citations. Authors are invited to submit their articles or essays with citations in footnote form.

Review of Submissions

Once a submission is received, the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board will review the submission for publication. Authors will receive an offer email with an articulated time frame.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact:

CURRENTS: JIELis the official journal of international economic law at South Texas College of Law. It is published bi-annually by the staff members and Editorial Board of the Journal. CURRENTS: JIELis received by a wide range of subscribers, which include law schools, practitioners, private companies and universities in the U.S. and abroad. The full text of CURRENTS: JIEL articles are available on  Hein Online, Westlaw and Lexis.

 The table of contents of the articles and essays included in past issues is available below.

Currents: Journal of International Economic Law & South Texas College of Law Houston

Trademark Misuse and International Exhaustion:  An Old Solution to a New Problem
Christopher J. Clugston

Political and Economic Feasibility of Contracted American Liquefied Natural Gas for Energy Security in Poland and the Baltic States – Can the American Government Help
Christopher J. Kulander
Grant Armentour

The Legal Framework for Doing Business in Austria
Jose R. Cot
Corrina Treisch

Financial Services International Trade Jurisprudence – Revisiting the Prudential Exception and Its Implications for Indonesia
Stephen Simchak

Hegemony, Self-Regulation or Responsive Regulation: International Regulatory Competition in Crypto-finance Competition finance
Iris H-Y Chiu

The Key Aspects of State Failure in the International Legal SystemInternational System
Dr. Karaman Mam

A Re-Conceptualization of WTO Law’s Security Exceptions: Squaring the Circle and Judicializing National Security
Csongor István Nagy

Legal Scrutiny of an Indirect Advertising Ban on Tobacco Products under WTO Laws
Pei-kan Yang

CURRENTS Events Feature: COVID-19 and International Economic Law
CURRENTS: JIEL Editorial Staff

Free Trade Areas for China’s Belt and Road
Gonzalo Villalta Puig

Cross Border Trade Compliance: Background 
Madison Hastings

Cross Border Trade Compliance 
Courtney V. Flores, Tim Brown, Mel Chavez, David Mortlock, Ellen C. Smith

Anti-Bribery Laws and Investigation: Background
Jordan Sloane

Changing Landscape of International Anti- Bribery and Corruption Compliance
Margaret Mousoudakis, Joy Dowdle, Sergio Leal, David Searle

Managing Cross Border Internal Investigations
Thuy P. Tran, Eleanor Benmenashe, Ashley Coselli, Michael Miner, Marla Moore

General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Act: Background
Jonathan Mckinney, Esther-Sarah Wilmot, Greta Carlson, Elizabeth Slezak

Present and Future Data Privacy Outlook
Wendell J. Bartnick, Shenna Bradshaw, Alexandra Chughtai-Harvey, Mary Isensee

Chief Compliance Officer Roundtable
Natalia Shehadah, Steven Gyeszly, Jay Martin, Ryan Rabalais, John Sardar
Nick Cornor

Negotiating Under the New EU Copyright Directive 2019/790 and GDPR
Adam Freeland

Career Paths in International Corporate Legal Practice 

Globalization and Economic Integration: What No One Saw Until They Couldn’t Help It
Sara Dillon

Developing Countries and International Economic Law: The Case of Burma
Vincent R. Johnson

Twenty-first Century Trade Policy: What the U.S. Has Done
& What It Might Do

Cherie O. Taylor

Never For-GATT: What Recent TBT Decisions Reveal About The Appellate Body’s Analysis Of Environmental Regulation Under The WTO
Ravi Soopramanien

Show Me The Money! Harmonizing Dood-Frank’s Resources Extraction Payment Disclosure Rules And Non-U.S. Counterparts
Marc H. Folladori

Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitral Awards On The Grounds That The Arbitral Proceedings Were Unfair And Composition On The Arbitral Tribunal
Saad Badah

Assessing The Risk Of Going To Trial In A FCPA Prosecution
Scott Fraser

The Level of “Uniformity” Created by the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
Garry Trillet

The Proliferation of Free Trade Areas: A Threat to Multilateralism?
Saloni Khanderia Yadav

Alternative Corporate Finance: Attracting Capital Through Self-Financing and Corporate Social Reporting
Eric Engle

The Protection of China’s Investment in Africa Under the International Investment Law
Qingtao Xie

An Unprecedented Change in Mexican Energy Politics
Adrian L. Talamantes

The World Trade Organization Obligations and Legislative Polcy: Choices in Developing Countries for Biotechnology
Ramesh Karky and Mary Perry

Corruption in the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency: Seven Years Later
Kevin Tipton

Archived Issues

The Integration of Human Rights in Bilateral and Plurilateral Free Trade Agreements: Arguments for a Coherent Relationship with Reference to the Swiss Context
Ioana Cismas

Marine Electronic Evidence Discovery and Admission
Peter A. McLauchlan

Do Pharmaceutical Firms Invest More Heavily in Countries with Data Exclusivity?
Mike Palmedo

The Globalization of Antitrust and Competition Law
Dr.Jur. Eric Engle, LL.M.

This Document May Be Controlled: Rethinking Deemed    Exports in an Unprecedented Period of Export Reform
Michelle Schulz

The Right to Cultural Heritage: Building the Case for an Emerging Fundamental Norm and Its Impact on the Future of the International Antiquities Trade
Adriana Lopez

Trade Integration in the Middle East and the North Africa Region: What is in Their Horizon Following the Arab Spring?
Christina Wanies-Guirgis

Going Global: A Legal Primer for Innovation- and Knowledge-Based Companies
J.F. Chester and Sophilia Hsu

International, European, and U.S. Perspectives on the Negotiation and Adoption of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
Christina Eckes, Elaine Fahey, and Machiko Kanetake

An Appraisal of Developing Country Coalition Strategy    in the WTO Doha Round Agriculture Negotiations
Dr. Jumoke Oduwole

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: A Revival in    United States Trade Policy Reform
Nadia Gire

The UCC or the CISG: Factors Affecting the Choice for Contracts between U.S. and South Korean Parties
Daniel Fiedler

Emerging Experimentalism in the Black Sea Region: Peace, Stability, Prosperity, and the Fight Against Organized Crime
Daniel M. Braun

China’s New Guidelines on the Assessment of the Effect of the Concentration of Business Operators on Competition
Matthew I. Danzig

Chester James Taylor Award 2012: Exploring Legal Issues at High Altitudes: The Law in the Cloud
Lisa Angelo

The Legal and Regulatory Framework of International     Supply Chain Security
David Neipert

Exploring the Linkage Between WTO Dispute Resolution and International Human Rights Law
Oscar I. Roos

Implementing Reasonable Rule for Imposing Criminal Penalty on Joint Bidders in Public Bid: Critical Comment on South Korea’s Case
Sanghyun Lee

Chester James Taylor Award 2011: The Learning Curve of Sanctions — Have Three Decades of Sanctions Reform Taught Us Anything?
SaraBeth Egle

The Perils of Noble Ventures and the Value of Preserving the Distinction between a State Entity’s Acts of Commercial and Governmental Character for the Purpose of Attribution in Investment Treaty Arbitration
Andrey V. Kuznetsov

Chester James Taylor Award 2011: MENA: The Need for a Comprehensive Trade-Based Strategy
Laura Adal

The GATT Security Exception in a Dispute Resolution Context: Necessity or Incompatibility?
Regis Bonnan

The Link Between Countervailing Duty Investigations and Non-Market Economy Status in Light of United States: Definitive Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties on Certain Products from China
Yaling Zhang

In Supporting the National Export Initiative, Do the Commerce Department’s Proposed Changes to Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty Trade Laws Truly Implement a Global Initiative or Are They an Isolated Enforcement?
Adam J. Flood

Directors and Officers Insurance: Can Chilean Corporate Directors Protect Themselves from Possible Liability Through Insurances?
Joaquín Miguel Rodríguez Diez

African Capacity Building for Meat Exports: Lessons from the Namibian and Botswanan Beef Industries
Raul Cabrera, Matt Cochran, Lauren Dangelmayr, Gavin D’aguilar, Kishore Gawande, Jeongwoo Lee, Ian Speir, Courtney Weigand

Chester James Taylor Award 2010: Getting a Piece of the Organic Pie: A Look at the Trade Barriers Created Through Certified Organic Regulations
Jaclyn Simon

“Spain is Different” or is it not?: A Comparative Review of the Legal Regulation on  Factoring in Spain and in the 1988 Unidroit Convention on International Factoring
Alejandro Osma

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Deterrent or Aid to Finance and Accounting Outsourcing?
Renu Desai & Robert W. McGee

The Competence of the Chinese Taxation System
Vlad Frants

Have the Modern Approaches to Unit Development of Straddling Petroleum Resources Extinguished the Applicability of the Primordial Law of Capture?
Chukwuemeka Mike Okorie

Strikes and Resolutions to Strikes Under Vietnamese Labor Law
Tran Si Vy & Brady Coleman

Now What? Coping Strategies for Post-Conflict Countries
Nalaka Senaratne

Book Review: Facing New Regulatory Frameworks in Securities Trading in Europe, edited by Peter-Jan Engelen & Karel Lannoo
Jessica Poarch

In Memoriam: Professor Richard Graving
Elizabeth W. King

Monetary Sovereignty and the Dollarization of Latin-American Economies
Gloria Patricia Gaviria Blanco (Translated by Diana M. Faraclas)

In Search of Brazil’s Better Self: The Proposed Pre-Salt Regulatory Framework
Aaron Ball & Paula Galhardo

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Projects in Ecuador: Moving Toward Comprehensive of the Criminal Justice System and Cross-Border Ties with the United States
Al Amado

Continue to Fight the Anti-Dumping War: Arguments Against the European Union’s Anti-Dumping Policies from the Perspective of Chinese Footwear Enterprises and Exporters
Nannan Zhang

Beyond Legislation: A Contract Alternative to Legislating Local Content in Nigeria
Joseph Nwaokoro

Forum-Selection and Arbitration Clauses in International Commercial Contracts: Does the New York Convention Call for a Heightened Enforceability Standard?
Mariana Isabel Hernández-Gutiérrez

An Update for Oil Industry Investors: Mexico Eliminates Restrictions and Introduces a New Oil Legal Framework
Manuel Moctezuma

Natural Integrity: The Relationship Between Anti-Corruption Laws and Natural Resource Protections in Latin America
Alexandra R. Harrington

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and its Impact in Latin America
Veronica Foley & Catina Haynes

Key Legislative Developments in Immigration Law Since September 11, 2001
Jose R. Perez, Jr.

Chester James Taylor 2008 Award Winner: The Promise & Peril of TRIPs
Zachary Hiller

Caveat Arbitrer: The U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement, Peruvian Arbitration Law, and the Extension of the Arbitration Agreement to Non-Signatories.  Has Peru Gone Too Far?
Rafael T. Boza

Resolving Business Disputes in Latin America: A Continuing Quest for Efficient and Affordable Dispute Resolution in International Transactions
Frank G. Evans & Erich L. Sowell

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Primer
Cherie O. Taylor

Grey Areas of FCPA Compliance
Stacy Williams

FCPA Compliance—Navigating the Minefield of Intermediaries
David Isaak

Transcript of Panel Discussion:  Effective FCPA/Export Controls Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions
Cherie O. Taylor (Moderator), Joe Santosuosso, Rod Hardie, Marsha Z. Gerber, and Todd C. Ranta

Keynote Address:  The Menace of Human Trafficking in Africa and the U.S. Congressional Response through the Office of the United States Executive Director of the African Development Bank
Ambassador Cynthia Shepard Perry

The Art of Export Control and Enforcement
Jordan Stapley

Overview of U.S. Economic Sanctions
Scott Maberry

Complying with U.S. Export Controls: Practical Considerations and Guidelines For Businesses
Jamie A. Joiner and Mark C. Joye

Implementing an Effective Export Compliance Program: An Industry Perspective
Matthew L. Johnson

Reflection on Global Compliance:  Intersection of FCPA, Sanctions and Export Controls
Marcia J. Staff

Chester James Taylor 2008 Award Winner: Cross-Border Fraud: Bridging Global Protection Disparity Through International Cooperative Efforts
Brian Pidcock

Food Fight at the WTO: Can the Precautionary Principle Reconcile Liberalization and Public Fear?
Sophie M. Clavier

China, the U.S., and Food Safety Under the WTO Regime
Gao Pengcheng

APEC: What Future Course of Action Should It Pursue?
Eric M. Pedersen

The CFI Microsoft Judgment and TRIPS Competition Flexibilities
Tu Thanh Nguyen & Hans Henrik Lidgard

Patent Rights in Commercial Agreements Recently Entered by the U.S.A. with Nations of the South
Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

Future International Trade Issues: Is Brazil the Solution to World Energy Shortages Through Ethanol Trade?
Joe A. Flores

Chester James Taylor 2007 Writing Award Winner: Protecting Andean Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity Perspectives Under the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
Rafael T. Boza

Terrorism and Trade: Much Ado About Nothing
Colin S. Sherrod

Why Jackson-Vanick Should Be Abandoned
Keith Loken

Speculation and Regulation: A Story of China’s Capital Market
Yuwa Wei

Surviving by “Eating Coins” or Breathing with No Carbon Dioxide: The Dynamic Balance Model to Resolve the Potential Conflicts between the WTO and the Kyoto Protocol
Tsung-Sheng Liao

Using Action in Damages to Improve Criminal Penalties Against Cartels: Comparative Analysis of Competition Law of United States and South Korea
Sanghyun Lee

Unfair Trade as Friendly Fire: The United States-Australia Free Trade Agreement
Benedict Sheehy

International Business Law and Ethics: Bribery in Context of the Americas
Marcia J. Staff

Trade Liberalization and the Potential of Sub-Saharan African States to Realize the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals by the Target Date of 2015
Ben Chigara

Reforming the Korean Banking System after the IMF Era—A Proposal for a Market Driven Approach
Seonuk Park

Egypt’s Competitive Liberalization in Services: Bilateral, Regional, and Multilateral
Mohamed R. Hassanien and Amos N. Jones

A Comparative Study in the Law of the Ostensible: Apparent Agency in the U.S. and Russia
Sergey Budylin

The Euro-American Court of Arbitration: Can it Compete in the Large Market of International Commercial Arbitration?
Kara Weisman

Tarnished But Still Valuable: A History and Present State of the Gold Franc
Kevin Kyser

The Problem of Investment Protection Under Russian Production Sharing Agreements
Natalie Fet

Fair and Equitable Treatment Under International Law: Analyzing the Interpretation of the NAFTA Article 1105.1 by NAFTA Chapter 11 Tribunals
Ignacio Pinto-León

A Comparative Study in the Law of the Non-Existent: Contract Invalidity in the U.S. and Russia
Sergey Budylin

Striking a Secure Balance: Participation of EU Member States in the US Visa Waiver Program Following 2004 Accession
Stuart D.P. Gilgannon

Hostile Takeovers and Hostile Defenses: A Comparative Look at U.S. Board Deference and the European Effort at Harmonization
Tyler Theobald

Non-Market Economy Methodology Under U.S. Anti-Dumping Laws: A Protectionist Shield from Chinese Competition
Kimberly A. Tracey

Trade Imperialism versus Environmental Protectionism—An Analysis Using Interpretation of Article XX
Neetika Yadav and T. Priyadarshini

2006 Chester James Taylor Award Winner: Same Laws, Different Century: The Bureau of Industry & Security’s Role in Global Trade & National Security
Jordan Collins

Who We Really Are: On the Need for the United States to Adopt the European Paradigm for Identity Fraud Protection
Samuel H. Johnson

When Does the Waiver Provision in NAFTA Article 1121 Have Consequences? An Analysis of the Situation Considered, Yet Left Unresolved, in Loewen Group, Inc. v. United States
Carie Jones

Property Risks in International Business
Richard J. Hunter, Jr.

The U.S.-Section 110(5) of the Copyright Act Dispute Analysis and Forecasts for Compliance
Albena P. Petrova

Gazprom’s Governance and the Problems of the Russian Energy Market
Roman Kazmin

Yo Ho and a Bottle of Rum—The DMCA Takes on Movie Pirates
Joyce Boland-Devito

The European Community’s External Competence on its Economic Relations with China: A Historical Perspective
Yong Jian Wang

Book Review: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the New International Norms, by Stewart H. Deming
Zac Duffy

The WTO Violations in China’s New Automobile Policy as it Seeks to Protect its Domestic Conglomerates Through Non-Market Means
Chunyu Jean Wang

Franchising in China: A Current Perspective
Bryan W. Blades

Recent Developments and Routes for Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights in China
Peiyu Sun & Aaron Wininger

Chinese Retail and Wholesale Markets Open Slowly to Foreign Investors
Tom Tong

Byrd-Watching: Continuation of the Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act
Joseph M. Barbato

Assessing Multilateral vs. Bilateral Agreements and Geographic Indications through International Food and Wine
Vicki Waye

International Arbitration and Enforcement in China: Historical Perspectives and Current Trends
Christopher Shen

Piracy in China: Identifying the Problem and Implementing Solutions
Frank Lin

Book Review: Trade in Services: Global Regulation and the Impact on Key Service Sectors, By Philip Raworth
Sucharita Jana

National Courts, Supranational Courts and Arbitral Tribunals in International Litigation
Anibal Sabater

Unfair Trade as Friendly Fire: The United States-Australia Free Trade Agreement
Benedict Sheehy

WTO’s July Package and Developing Countries: Preferring Pragmatism to Ideology
Inaamul Haque & Majid Ali

Laughter and Tears of Developing Countries: The WTO and the Protection of International Labor Standards
Farkhanda Mansoor

Chester James Taylor 2005 Grand Prize Winner: Regarding Women & Children: Using International Trade Relations to Stem the Growing Tide of the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children
Meril Eugene Anthes, Jr.

New Equal Treatment Directive Spurs Rise of Sex-Discrimination Suits in Europe: How Employment Regulatory Schemes Affect U.S. and European Markets
Jamie Myers

Book Review: Dalhuisen on International Commercial, Financial and Trade Law, Second Edition by Jan Dalhuisen
Jerry Clark

Securing Peace through Trade Dividends: Qualifying Industrial Zones Between the U.S., Israel, Jordan, and Egypt
Bashar H. Malkawi

The New York Convention and U.S. Federal Courts
Sandra Vreedenburgh

Extraditions to the United States in the Face of the Death Penalty: A Decrease in the United States’ Global Economic Influence Lessens Opportunities to Change Extradition Policies
Adam Courtin

Sunlight for the Wealth of Nations: International Trade Implications in Forsaking the Unholy Trinity of Mutual Fund Governance Desecration and Administration  of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
Justin Haws Riley

Opportunity Knocks—The Role of International Trade Arbitration in Reducing International Trade Barriers and Addressing Environmental Concerns
Jerry Clark

Book Review: The Power to Protect: Trade, Health, and Uncertainty in the WTO by Catherine Button
Leslie Leazer

Book Review: Ecological Sensitivity and Global Legal Pluralism: Rethinking the Trade and Environment Conflict by Oren Perez
Allison Lindblade

Upstream: Oil Rights Granted by the Turkish Petroleum Law
Selma Stern

Sarbanes-Oxley Goes to Europe: A Comparative Analysis of United States and European Union Corporate Reforms after Enron
Elias Mossos

Three Represents and China’s Constitution: Presaging Cultural Relativistic Asian Regionalism
M. Ulric Killion

“Brother Can You Spare a Cell?” The Ethical and Moral Minefield Surrounding Stem Cell Research on US and International Law
Leslie Leazer

The NAFTA Aftermath: Analyzing a Free Trade Agreement Defectively Designed to Perpetuate Poverty and Dependency in Rural Mexico
Carvana Hicks

NAFTA “Regulatory Takings” vs. Fifth Amendment Compensatory Rights: Tipping the Scales in Favor of Foreign Investment
Colleen Austin

Caveat Emptor: Lessons from Volkswagen’s Lemon Purchase
Terrence J. Lau

Caricom Participation in Caribbean Basin Initiative: Lessons for FTAA
Andrea Ewart

International Trade and the Environment: A Seething Antagonism?
Andy J. Rich

Globalization, the World Trade Organization and Developing States; A View from the ‘South’
O.A. Odiase-Alegimenlen

Reflections on U.S. International Trade Law and Practice—Compatibility with the WTO Rules and Call for Modification
Y.S. Lee

Biotechnology in the Balance of International Trade: Scientific Uncertainty and Legal Response
Cynthai Dresden

Interim Measures of Protection in International Commercial Arbitration: Problems, Proposed Solutions, and Anticipated Results
Stephen M. Ferguson

Telemedicine: Overcoming Obstacles on the Road to Global
C.R. Ewell, PhD

International Affirmative Action: Current Gender Affirmative Action Approaches in International Trade Serving as a Possible Model for Minority Groups
Lia Hayes

Space Resuscitation: Capitalism to the Rescue? When International Cooperation Becomes International Complication
Lori Magee Laird

Chester James Taylor 2003 Grand Prize Winner: The Cuban Embargo: A Ship Weathering the Storm of Globalization and International Trade
Andrew Mihalik

Corporate Liability under the Alien Tort Claims Act: United States Court Jurisdiction over International Torts
Richard T. Marooney and George S. Branch

IPR Protection of Computer Programs/Computer Software in the Global Market
Fernando Piera

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Case of State Succession: The Paradigm of the 1981 Convention between Greece and the Former USSR on Judicial Assistance in Civil and Criminal Matters
Evangelos Vassilakakis and Panayiotis Yiannopoulos

Transaction Costs and Their Elevated Role in the Context of EU Expansion
Serguei A Koudriachov

The Australian Contribution to the Jurisprudence of the WTO Dispute Settlement Process
Bryan Mercurio

Development and Reformation of Regulation on Securities Investment Funds Management in China
Huachun Dong

Chester James Taylor 2003 Grand Prize Winner: A Step in the Right Direction: How to Make the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas a Cohesive Agreement that Will Better Serve Integration of Free Trade in the Western Hemisphere
Suzanne Elmilady

An Examination of the U.S.–Iraqi War’s Effect on the Global Trade & the Global Economy
Tracey A. Beecher

Trade Liberalization and the Environment: A Texas Perspective
Leslie Dye

African Union: Building a Dream to Facilitate Trade, Development and Debt Relief
Elizabeth Justice

Watching the Clothes Go Round: Combating the Effects of Money Laundering on Economic Development and International Trade
Paul Kennedy

Feature Commentary:

Coming to Grips with Globalization
Ewell E. Murphy, Jr.

War by Sanctions: Are We Targeting Ourselves?
Joanmarie M. Dowling, Esq. and Mark P. Popiel, Esq.

The Professionalization Thesis: The TBR, the WTO and World Economic Integration
Eric Allen Engle

Regionalism or Globalism? The Process of Telecommunication Cooperation within the OAS and NAFTA
Chung Hung Lin

The Future of Brazilian Immigration
Myron R. Morales

The Use and Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements in U.S. Courts with a Focus on the Western Hemisphere
James J. Woodruff, II

Understanding Patents in a Post-Doha World
Nabila Ansari

A Step in the Right Direction: How to Make the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas a Cohesive Agreement that Will Better Serve Integration of Free Trade in the Western Hemisphere
Suzanne Elmilady

Fleecing the American Taxpayer: Competition Policy in the U.S. Military Household Goods Industry in Germany
Robert J. Mueller

Promoting Your Products in the EU: Free Drawings, Prize Competitions and Unfair Competition
Sonia Cortés

Market Definition and International Trade
John W. Daugherty, Jr.

Supplemental Reading:

Approval of Mergers and Acquisitions by Governmental Authorities: United States and Europe

New Evaluation Criteria for Country Attractiveness in Terms of Market Entry
Dr. Serguei A. Koudriachov

Supplemental Reading: 
Economic Development and Investment Information about Countries/Rankings

Assessing the Effect of Britain’s Euro Debate: Before and After Grand Prize Winner: 2002 Chester James Taylor Writing Contest
Samantha Ferguson

A Continental Currency, Federal Europe, and the Importance of a More Perfect Union
K.C. Ashmore

Luck of the Irish: Ireland has Become the Technological Wonderland of the European Union
Michael Busby

Turkey’s Admittance to the European Union: A Keystone Between Continents
Christopher Frank

Which Style Should Govern?
Danny Ray Garza

Europoly: Do the Recipient Countries of Cohesion Funds Need a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”?
Angeline Vachris

The Judicial Enforcement of Intellectual Property in Argentina: Is Society Being Served?
Dr. Ronald Corbett

Comparative Analysis of Accounting Principles & Practices in Russia and the U.S.A.
Dr. Serguei A. Koudriachov

Executive Use of the IEEPA— Evolution through the Terrorist and Taliban Sanctions
James Savage

International Trade and the Bioinvasion: A Price for Everything and Everything for a Price
Michael J. Prather

When Free Speech and the Internet Collide: Yahoo!-Nazi-Paraphernalia Case
Sakura Mizuno

Has Fascism Become Fashionable?
Scott Weiss

The Basel Convention and the International Trade of Hazardous Waste: The Road to the Destruction of Public Health and the Environment is Paved with Good Intentions
Kimberly Gregory

Making American Leadership Attractive to Europeans in the New Millennium
Alma J. Adams

NAFTA Verifications: New Concerns for Exporters and Producers
Steven W. Baker

International Electronic Commerce: Legal Framework at the Beginning of the XXI Century
Fernando Piera

NAFTA Section 303, a Difficult Choice for Mexico
David Neipert

The Canadian Bulk Water Moratorium and Its Implications for NAFTA
Christopher Scott Maravilla

The Application of the Letter of Credit Form of Payment in International Business Transactions
Dr. Serguei A. Koudriachov

Is the Grass any Greener on the Other Side of the Rio Grande? A Look At NAFTA and Its Progeny’s Effects on Mexican Environmental Conditions
Deanna Aguilar

Harmonization of the Patent Systems of NAFTA Nations
Arlene Nolan Farolan

Fighting Against Ourselves: Efforts to Combat Decertification & Land Degradation
Leena Ninan

A Recent Summary of International Commercial Arbitration

The United States versus Mexico and Canada?
Collin G. Warren

The North American Free Trade Agreement’s Effects on Mexico’s Environment
Kori Westbrook

The Fundamental Principles of Industrial Relations
Prof. Dr. Ali Mehmet KOCAOGLU, Ryan Marlatt & Res. As. Necip Kagan KOCAOGLU

The Re-regulation of Freight Forwarders in the USA and its Impact on the USA-Mexico Border
Dr. James R. Giermanski & Dr. David Neipert

“Foreign Control” and “Agreement” Under ICSID Article 25(2)(B): Standards for Claims Brought by Locally Organized Subsidiaries against Host States
Mary L. Moreland

“Regionalization: The Choice of a New Millennium”
Matthew Barrier

The World Bank and the IMF: Fostering Growth in the Global Market
Jeremy J. Sanders

The Economic Impact of Replacing the Federal Income Tax with a Federal Consumption Tax: Leveling the International Playing Field
Laura Dale

International Scientific Misconduct and the Legal System
Joe A. Flores, RN, MSN, FNP

World Trade Organization and Environmental Protection: Reconciling the Conflict
Lana Martin

Privacy Online: A Primer on the European Union’s Directive and United States’ Safe Harbor Privacy Principles
James T. Sunosky

Implementing the FTAA: A Survey of Hemispheric Unification Efforts Within the Americas Over the Past Ten Years
Joe Zopolsky

Marine Pollution from Ships: The Australian Legal Regime
Michael White

Does International Trade Really Trump Environmental Law? A Maritime Perspective
James J. Woodruff

Russian Customs Laws as Barriers to Foreign Direct Investment
Myron R. Morales

The “ILL-LICIT” Effects on NAFTA: Increased Drug Trafficking into the United States through the Southwest Boarder
J. Patrick LaRue

Overview of the Environmental Law of Mexico
George R. Gonzales & Maria Gastelum

The Basic Law of Hong Kong and its Effects on the Environment
Lisa A. Royee

The Ocean Shipping and Reform Act of 1998
Paul S. Edelman

A Worldwide Problem: Domain Names Disputes in Cyberspace. Who is in Control?
David Romero

Limitations of Vessel Owner’s Liability; Inapplicability to Non-Shipowners
Richard J. Arsenault

Tortious Interference with International Contracts
Travis Newport

The Cyberspace Showdown: Jurisdictional Jurisprudence-The United States Versus the European Union
Ryan Marlatt

The Convergence of International Trade and Competition Law Through A WTO Market Access Code
Charles M. Gastle

Proposed Changes to the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act: How will they affect the United States Maritime Industry at the Global Level?
Leslie W. Taylor

The Maritime Industry and the “ISM” Code
Paul S. Edelman

The Electronic Marine Insurance Certificate
George F. Chandler, III

Chapter 11: The Efforts to Define Expropriation
Ana Tschen

New Struggle with and Old Menace: Towards a Revised Definiton of Maritime Piracy
Philip A. Buhler

A Brief Prelude: Hadley v. Baxendale, Y2K, and Maritime Trade (Sometimes the Bowsprit gets attached to the Rudder)
Alexander J. Bolla & R. Brian Tipton

The International Monetary Fund: Wallet Sore to the West or Savior to the Global Financial Crisis
Dan Taylor

Chinese Law on Carriage of Goods by Sea under Bills of Lading
Xia Chen

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: The Piracy/Counterfeiting Problem and Antipiracy and Anticounterfeiting Measures
Don E. Tomlinson

Piracy in the Information Age: Effective Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Larry Pfeil

Preventing Counterfeiting: Obligation and Opportunity 
Lewis Kontnik

Music on the Internet: Can the Present Laws and Treaties Protect Music Copyright in Cyberspace?
Stephen Summer

Manufacturers’ Responsibility for Harms Suffered by Victims of Counterfeiters: A Modern Elaboration of Causation Rules and Fundamental Tort Law.
Arthur Best

U.S. Export Controls on Dual-Use Goods and Technologies: Is the High Tech Industry Suffering?
R. Aylan Broadbent

Criminalization of Trade Secret Theft: On the Second Anniversary of the Economic Espionage Act
John R. Bauer & Joseph F. Savage, Jr.

Exporation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-Are We Doing Enough to Ensure Our Goal of Global Compliance With Its Content?
Brooks Ware

Trademark Enforcement in Mexico
Hedwig A. Lindner López

International Electronic Commerce: Some Legal Aspects
Fernando Piera

The Euro: A Trojan Horse for Europe or a Real Rival to the U.S. Dollar?
Bridgett Overlease

What Might the Impact of the Euro be on Latin America’s Trade and Finance Markets
Ricardo J. Cata

How the Western Hemisphere will be Won!
Matthew Barrier

Implementation of the Santiago Summit Plan of Action in the Field: A Look at USAID’s Programs in Education, Democracy, Trade Integration, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction in Guatemala 
Steven E. Hendrix

The Evolution of Commercial and Insurance Law in Post-Cold War Russia
John Welch

The Spiral of Time: A Historical Perspective on International Law Protection for Transnational Investment in the Twenty-first Century
Ewell E. Murphy, Jr.

International Antitrust: A Comparison of the European Union and the United States
Patrick B. Larkin

The Brave New Cuba
Terry O’Neill

Italian Telecommunications: On Line with Europe
David M. Dobson and Marcantonio Pinci

The Regulatory Implications of International Telecommunications Liberalization: New Roles for the WTO and ITU
Mark A. Crichton

Multilateral Trade and Supranational Environmental Protection
Michelle Treviño-Aguilar

The European Data Protection Directive and European-U.S. Trade
Fred H. Cate

The Treaty of Amsterdam: Some Progresses, Many Disappointments
Jorge Bacelar Gouveia and Margarida Telles Romão

Staying Out of the Grasp of the GATT: Attempts to Protect Animals at the expense of Free Trade
Brooks Ware

The Scope of the Counterfeiting Problem
Peter Lowe

Arranging Project Financing for Polar Lights Company in Russia
James W. Skelton, Jr.

Fast Track: The Only Solution for the Future of U.S. Trade
Natalia W. Geren

Geographical Indications on TRIPs and Treaty Law Recently Adopted in The Americas
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

GATT and the World Trade Organization: Has the Ability of the United States to Enforce its Environmental Laws Been Compromised?
Robert Shawver

Canadian Merger Law: Practical Implications for International Transactions
James Musgrove

From Boston to Burma: An Examination of the Massachusetts Restrictive Purchasing Law in Light of the Agreement on Government Procurement
J. Charles Haynes

Moving Cargo Across the Texas-Mexico Boarder, Present and Future
David M. Neipert, J.D.

Forum Selection Agreements Opting Out of U.S. Securities Laws
Penny Traver-Lorenzo

An Empirical Analysis of the Growth and Autonomy of the Office of the United States Trade Representative
Fred O. Boadu and Jie Shen

Helms-Burton: The Sword of Damocles?
Simon Purnell

Protocol for the Amendment of the Central American Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property in the Field of Trademarks and Other Distinctive Signs
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

The WTO Set the Stage in Singapore: First Ministerial Conference
T. Sholeh Johnson

International Transactions in Latin America Involving Oil and Gas
Jose L. Valera

Deciphering the Encryption Debate: An Introduction and Overview of Encryption Regulation
J. Kirkland Sammons

The Long Saga of the Spratly Islands “Elongated Sandbanks”: Overview of the Territorial Disputes among Vietnam, China, and Other Asean Nations in the South China Sea.
Wendy Nicole Duong

Shock Therapy Privatization in the Former Soviet Union: Medicine or Poison? 
Michelle Regal Herrman

The Central European Free Trade Agreement: Its Background, Purposes and Current Developments
Leszek Leszczyñski

The TRIPs Agreement in Action: Japan in the Hotseat
James E. Hudson, III

MERCOSUR Protocol for the Harmonization of Intellectual Property Provisions in the Field of Trademarks
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

Hazardous Waste and the Mercado Común del Sur (MERCOSUR): How a Regional Trade Agreement Handles the Problems of Environmental Protection
Arthur (Arturo) Grimaldo, II

Global Enforcement of Judgements: Is the United States Making Progress?
R. G. Jones

International Legal Research on the Internet
Monica M. Ortale

NAFTA: Bridging the U.S./Mexico Environmental Gap
Laura Shinn Westin

The Bittersweet Effects of Domestic Sugar Law
Lucea Suzan Kedron

5th Anniversary Issue

Transnational Bankruptcy Proceedings: Making Sure Creditors Worldwide Get an Equitable Recovery
Shari L. Heyen

Competing With the Anticompetitive: The Structure and Effectiveness of Japan’s Antimonopoly Law
Michael J. DePonte

The Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Export Controls
James M. Fisher, II

The U.S. Supreme Court on International Arbitration vis-à-vis COGSA Liability
Eric V. Blanchard

Intellectual Property and NAFTA
Dr. Horacio Rangel-Ortiz

Statutory Exclusion of Medical Procedure Patents: Will History Repeat Itself?
Johnathan F. Elliston & Alan R. Thiele

Summary of New Laws in Mexico
Guillermo Marrero

World Trade Organization: A First-Year Review
Milan H. Kim

Edwin Friesenhahn

International Software Distribution: Legal Concerns
Phillip D. Porter

The Expatriation Tax and International Human Rights
Anthony D’Amato

The U.S. Trade Embargo Against Cuba: The Time Has Come to End This Cold-War Relic
Annie Swank

The Use, Abuse, and Possible Reform of Section 337
Dr. Michael David Rostoker & Sharon Raye Brown

The Application of U.S. Law by Binational Review Panels in the Softwood Lumber Case
Brian Rhodes

Environmental Pollution Along the U.S.-Mexico Border and an Overview of Mexico’s General Law for Ecological Equilibrium and Protection of the Environment
Adrian R. Martinez

Hazardous Waste Trade: U.S. Ratification of the Basel Convention is Still Needed
Ingrid A. de Graaff

The Case Law of the European Court of Justice on Free Trade and the Environment
Kurt Riechenberg

European Attempts Toward a Unified Securities Market in High-Risk, High-Growth Companies
Justus W. Lapham

Selected Bibliography re: NAFTA
Anne L. Abramson

Economic Development in the Information Age: Investing in Telecommunications Infrastructure
Michael Thompson

Protecting Foreign Copyright in the Peoples Republic of China
Kailan M. Niemeyer

Enforceability of Forum-Selection Clauses in International Commercial Contracts
R. Doak Bishop & David B. Lee

Delay and Cost Booby Traps in Arbitration Practice, and How to Avoid Them
Tom Arnold

Taxation of Oil and Gas Produced in Russia by U.S. Companies
Dorothy May

Edwin Friesenhahn

Apec Update

Prospects for the UKCS: Boom Years Ahead?
Bruce Westbrook

North Sea Partnering, Alliances, and Gainsharing: One Step Further!
Penelope Warne

Cutting Costs: Oil Company Initiatives, including CRINE
Penelope Warne

The 1994 Energy Charter Treaty: An Overview
Thomas W. Wälde

Competition and Jurisdiction in the North Sea
Penelope Warne

Duties of Directors of Companies Registered in England and Wales
Bruce Westbrook

Immigration Issues for Overseas Workers in the United Kingdom
Bruce Westbrook

How Doing Business With Mexico Affects Choice of Business Entity
Rona R. Mears

Texas Mexico Bar Association
Wayne I. Fagan & Scott C. Billings

Securing Investments in Civil Law Countries: Some Technical and Practical Aspects Involving Security Interests in Foreign-Based Movable Assets
Alejandro M. Garro

The Uruguay Round’s Dispute Settlement Understanding: Ensuring a More Stable and Predictable Trading Environment
William P. Haddock

The Legal Evolution of Mexican Environmental Laws
Humberto Celis

The NAFTA Side Agreements Perspective on Oil & Gas Investments in the Former Soviet Union
Thomas W. Wälde

The Uruguay Round: What GATT Means to the United States
Ziad N. Zarka & Eric V. Blanchard

Update: Doing Business in Hungry

Edwin Friesenhahn

Regulatory Hurdles to Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
John A. Cottingham, Daniel J. Churay, and Nigel J. Swycher

Trade and Investment Programs Between the United States and the Newly Independent States
Judy A. Weaver

MERCOSUR: The South American Common Market
Juan E. Curuchet

Chile: An Open Door to Foreign Investment
Beatriz E. Trillos

Eximbank Credit Support for Financing U.S. Exports
F. Walter Bistline, Jr. and Mary C. Townsend

U.S. Concerns Regarding China’s Bid to Enter GATT
Ted G. Kennedy

Anti-Counterfeit in Thailand
Dhiraphol Suwanprateep

The Asuncion Treaty and the Law of the States
Mariano Augusto Cavagna Martinez

Dealing with Japan: Framework Agreement Versus Super 301
Tamara Sheffield & Ben D. Huynh

The NAFTA Import Surge Fallacy
Robert J. Ward, Jr.

Policy Changes For Latin America?
Scott C. Billings

Canadian Focus on NAFTA and Services
Kim G. Yelton

The Public Citizen Decision: Its Potential Effects on NAFTA And Other Trade Agreements
Stephen L. Miller

Table: Selected Rules of International Arbitration 
D. Michael Dodd

Designing Arbitration Clauses in Trasnational Contracts
Joyce E. Stevens and Clarinda Comstock

Political Risk and Petroleum Investment in Russia
Paul E. Comeaux and N. Stephan Kinsella

Regional Trade Issues Facing the Clinton Administration 
Lee F. Haas

The European Community’s Changing Agricultural Policies
E. Wesley F. Peterson and Samarendu Mohanty

Labor Laws in the European Community
Michele C. Moinar

The European Economic Area: A General Overview, Its Significance, and Future
Wayne P. Bunch, Jr.

Current Status of the European Community

A Guide to Industrial Property, Franchising, and Licensing in Mexico
Joyce G. Mazero, John B. McKnight, and Carlos Müggenburg

Environmental Controversies and Compromises at the Rio Conference
Bryan Baker

GATT Tuna Decision: International Trade and Environmentalism
Mark L. Clark

Indonesia: A Current Perspective 
Stephen Wallace

Reconciling Differences: Japan and The United States
Nadim I. Cook and Owen Ralston

International Intellectual Property: Recent Developments And Issues For The Coming Decade
Alan S. Gutterman

Mexico’s New Intellectual Property Law
Edwin Friesenhahn

Entering International Markets: An Experiential Guide
Stephen E. Handel

Doing Business In The CIS: An Interview With Michael L. Parks
Michael L. Parks, Leslie A. Henges, and Anita Krosby

The Formation Of Foreign-Controlled Mexican Companies: Important Practical Considerations
Daniel Cavazos, J.D. and Dale A. Kimball, Jr., J.D.

How The GATT Will Affect Less-Developed Countries 
Carl Mabbs-Zeno

The Uruguay Round: United States And European Community Stumble Over Agriculture
Kenneth R. Bell and Owen Ralston

Recent Developments
Daphine Patelis and David Ryan

Super 301: A Possible Return
Stanton K. Strickland

Review of U.S.-Mexico Environmental Issues
Senator Lloyd Bentsen

NAFTA and the Environment: Public Citizen v. Office of United States Trade Representative, 91-1916 (D.D.C. Aug. 1, 1991)
J. Todd Ivey and L.Charles Van Cleef, assisted by Edith Premazon

Foreign Investment in the Mexican Energy Sector
Jeffrey Boyd Lucas and Mike Waters

NAFTA: Legal Issues for Agriculture
Fred O. Boadu

Mexico’s Use of Agricultural Licensing
Allen Rogers, David Wilson, and Darryl Wolfe

The Implications of NAFTA on the Maquiladoras in Mexico
Rodolpho Sandoval

Maquiladoras: A Basic Primer
Jose D. Garcia and Robert Loughran

Rules of Origin and NAFTA
Fred O. Boadu and Steve M. Wise

The President’s Report to Congress on the Likely Effects of NAFTA on U.S. Labor-An Examination
Craig L. Jackson

Essay: Houston’s Historic and Economic Interest in NAFTA
Miguel R. San Juan and Jack H. Ewing

Recent Developments
Robert L. Bostwick and Gregory Stark

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