J.D. Part-Time Overview

One exceptional J.D.
Choose your schedule.

With our part-time J.D. program, you decide which schedule fits best for you — on campus or online.

The goal of our part-time schedules is to allow you to obtain a rigorous, ABA-accredited J.D. degree while maintaining your personal and professional commitments.

South Texas College of Law Houston was founded in 1923 to provide a legal education for working professionals. Since its founding, South Texas has earned a reputation for educating exceptional practice-ready attorneys. Today, South Texas remains committed to providing those unable to step away from full-time employment or family commitments an opportunity to earn a J.D. through two flexible part-time schedule options.


  • ABA-accredited J.D. curriculum delivered over four years
    • J.D. Part-time / Campus schedule requires four evenings of in-person courses per week.
    • J.D. Part-time / Online schedule requires one in-person, on-campus residency at the beginning of each academic year, with remaining coursework delivered online. A rigorous curriculum intentionally developed for the online experience delivers an exceptional legal education through engaging and interactive methods.
  • Access to faculty, both in person and online
  • Full student experience available to part-time students, including access to academic and student support services, bar exam preparation support, involvement in student organizations, events, employment interviews, and live-client and real-life practice experiences (including externships, simulation courses, and participation in the Randall O. Sorrels Legal Clinics).

J.D. PART-TIME in the News

The Houston Business Journal published a great story about STCL Houston’s innovative new J.D. Part-time / Online schedule, which begins in fall 2023. Students will now have three ways to earn the law school’s ABA-accredited, rigorous J.D. degree. Read more here: https://bizj.us/1qh1vm

Student Testimonials

“The program has allowed me the flexibility I need to manage work, my commute, my coursework, and my personal life. I am able to complete work online on my own time each week.”

“The professional quality of the video lectures for the online delivery far exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the way they are broken into easy-to-follow modules. The short breaks to answer questions during the presentation helps address questions we might have asked in class.”

“If practicing law is something you are passionate about, but you are not able to attend a traditional, full-time program, this should be an appealing and rewarding option. I am not lost in a sea of other students. I feel each student is seen and recognized for what they contribute in the classroom and to the school.”

Emily Erdmann, Government Professor, College Station, TX


“I work full-time and have a family to support, so traditional full-time law school was not an option for me. With this part-time program, I have flexibility in my class and study schedule so I can be present for my family and work when needed, but I still get the benefit of having personal contact with teachers, access to the library, and building relationships with my classmates.”

“STCL makes a law degree accessible to those who have the determination to go for it — no matter their age or stage in life. You CAN have a family and a career and build your dreams. It is hard work, but the faculty and staff support you. You won’t be doing it alone.”

– Jennifer Locke, High School Teacher, Mont Belvieu, TX


“I have a family and a demanding career 90 miles from STCL. The part-time, online program allows me to devote quality time to learning that fits within my schedule. I’ve discovered you can indeed earn your law degree while still working crazy hours and raising a family.”

“People like me, who have full time careers and families, need to know that you can attend law school while maintaining a demanding career. The best thing about STCL is the amount of people invested in your success. They are there to make sure part-time and online students have all the tools necessary to succeed.

Professors answer emails and set up virtual calls with you to discuss your concerns. They arrange open office hours on Saturdays to make sure you have every opportunity to ask that last minute question. The school offers virtual tutoring lessons by students. The Writing Center provides appointments that work with your schedule. Law librarians make themselves available late into the night.”

“With a busy career and family life, the online delivery allows me to devote quality time to learning that works with my schedule. In the early morning hours, before the day tells you just how crazy it can be, you can carve out an hour or two to prepare for classes. On a lunch break, you can watch videos and take notes. Second career students know how to take advantage of minutes and seconds in a day and will benefit greatly from the online learning.”

Sarah Kirksey, Air Manager, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Beaumont, TX


“Being able to listen to lectures and complete assignments virtually on my schedule saves me so much time. This program allows me to work, pursue a J.D., and have a social life without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. Most of my classmates are also working full-time while pursuing their J.D., so it feels like we are all in it together.”

“I appreciate that my professors understand that students in this program work full-time by accommodating for our busy schedules.”

– Shalini Patel, Legal Assistant, Houston, TX


“This was the only part-time J.D. program available that would allow me to work, be a parent and husband, and be a law student simultaneously. A four-night-a-week program is incompatible with my life obligations.”

“Many of us want to go to law school but can’t find a way to shoe-horn it into our schedules. In addition, taking the leap to go back to school is a bigger decision than going to school the first time around because of our lives outside of the classroom. For me, this was a huge decision, but it has been 150% worth it.”

 – Jon Ver Halen, MD, Physician, Dallas, TX

J.D. Part-time Application Details

Both the J.D. Part-time / Campus and the J.D. Part-time / Online schedules start exclusively in the fall. The fall application opens in mid-November, and applications should be received by the following dates:

  • February 10 (priority)
  • May 8 (final)

All applicants who apply by the priority deadline will automatically receive an application fee waiver.

All applicants are required to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), administered nationwide by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), administered by ETS. These exam scores help STCL Houston determine your readiness to apply the necessary skills for success in the first year of school. Only one of the exams is required. If you have already taken the LSAT or GRE and have questions about qualifying or taking another exam, get in touch with an admissions team member at jd-info@stcl.edu or 713-913-4598.

Learn more about our LSAT or GRE requirement.

Applicants must also register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Each applicant is responsible for making their own arrangements to take the LSAT or GRE and for submitting official transcripts of all undergraduate work to CAS for evaluation, as well as any post-baccalaureate or graduate work.

While GPA and LSAT or GRE scores are important, we also assess each applicant’s life experience, work history, community service and graduate work.

Applicants must have earned a baccalaureate degree from a college or university listed in the Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education available online.

On-campus requirement: The on-campus (Houston) residency for J.D. Part-time / Online students starting in fall 2023 will be from Thursday, Aug. 10, to Wednesday, Aug. 16.