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It is the policy of South Texas College of Law Houston to provide reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified students, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In order to receive accommodations, a student must submit the Student Application for Accommodations and the requisite documentation to the Office of Student Support at least 30 days in advance of requested services and/or accommodations. Students who identify physical barrier concerns should immediately report them to the Office of Student Support.

The documentation guidelines for documenting disabilities are available on this page, on the Campus Life tab on Stanley, and in the Office of Student Support. A noninclusive referral list of qualified diagnosticians and health care providers is available in the Office of Student Support.

In no circumstance will a student be given retroactive consideration for an exam retake, change in grade, readmission, or other such actions or events due to a qualified disability discovered or disclosed to the college after the deadline for the action or event in question.

If your Student Application for Accommodations is denied, you may appeal the decision to an ad hoc committee consisting of three members appointed by the Dean. To appeal, submit a letter to Assistant Dean Singleton stating the specific reasons of your appeal. The appeal does not include a hearing at which new evidence or oral arguments will be considered. The committee will not consider for the first time information that was not previously submitted to and considered by the administration in making the initial decision regarding a request for accommodations. The decision of the committee is final.


Below is a list of 6 different accommodation groups and their respective guidelines. These guidelines serve as the baseline for students that require assistance and accommodation within each disability group. Your application for accommodation will be based on our curated guidelines below:

Accessibility and Disability Contact Information

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