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Resources for Current Students & Alumni

Current Students & Recent Graduates Forms

  1. Academic Externships
  2. ADR Competition A, B, C
  3. Advanced Appellate Practice
  4. Advanced Trial Practice
  5. Appellate Litigation Clinic
  6. Corporate Counsel Review A
  7. Journal of International Economic Law A
  8. Law Review A
  9. Moot Court Competition A, B, C
  10. Supervised Research
  1. Immigration & Sponsor Information
  2. Transfer-In
  1. Consortium
  2. Graduate Audit
  3. Foreign Exchange
  4. Transfer
  5. Transient
  1. Course Schedule
  2. Disciplinary Records
  3. Letter of Standing
    • Transfer Letter
    • Transient Letter (for visiting another law school, participating in a Co-Sponsored or Non Co-Sponsored Study Abroad program)
  4. Law School Application
    • Law School Application Addendums and/or Amendments
  5. LSDAS Report
  6. Out-of-State Bar Certification

Alumni Forms

  1. Registration is based upon availability
  2. STCL Houston Alumni may audit courses for free
  3. Practicing attorneys and graduates from ABA-approved law schools must pay regular tuition and fees
    • Practicing attorneys must submit a copy of their bar card to the request
    • ABA-approved law school graduates must submit an official transcript with the request
  1. Course Schedule
  2. Disciplinary Records
  3. Law School Application
    • Application Addendums and/or Amendments
  4. LSDAS Report
  5. Official Class Rank (Graduates ONLY; current students must refer to the latest Class Ranking Percentiles on STANLEY)
  6. Out-of-State Bar Certification
  7. Paper Transcripts
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