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Alumni Admissions Network

Our Alumni serve as resources to admitted applicants

This unique group of volunteers is a collaboration between the Admissions Office and Office of Alumni Relations that connects alumni with admitted applicants. These alumni have volunteered to serve as resources to admitted applicants to answer questions about law school in general, what makes STCL Houston unique, and career opportunities for graduates.

Email: kc@ashmorelawfirm.com
Location: Rockwall, TX
Undergraduate Institution: University of Houston
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Undergraduate Major: History
Employer Name: Ashmore & Ashmore
Title: Partner
Practice Areas: Civil, Criminal, Probate (all litigation)
STCL Involvement: Currents International Law Journal, charter member of Dallas area Alumni Chapter
Favorite Professor: Too hard to say!
Favorite STCL Memory: The doors it opened to my career and my friends (old and new) that I’ve made there

Rick Berlin '06 - Alumni Admissions Network

Email: berlinrichard@yahoo.com
Location: Houston, TX
Undergraduate Institution: University of Texas at Austin
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Undergraduate Major: History
Employer Name: Texas Attorney General’s Office
Title: Assistant Attorney General
Practice Areas: Consumer Protection
STCL Involvement: Law Review, Board of Advocates, Mock Trial, Study Abroad – Malta, Texas Exs, Texas Journal of Business Law
Favorite Professor:
 Mark Steiner
Favorite STCL Memory: Community
LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rick-berlin-2440b1a 

Email: wcchristensen@wardandsmith.com
Location: Raleigh, NC
Undergraduate Institution: UNC Chapel Hill
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Undergraduate Major: Biology
Employer Name: Ward and Smith, P.A.
Title: Attorney
Practice Areas: Government Relations, Contracts, Intellectual Property
STCL Involvement: IP Law Society
Favorite Professor:
Favorite STCL Memory: The practical education

Adam Curley '08 - Alumni Admissions Network

Email: acurley@godwinlaw.com
Location: Houston, TX
Undergraduate Institution: Texas A&M University
Undergraduate Degree: BS Engineering
Undergraduate Major: Industrial Distribution
Employer Name: Godwin PC
Title: Associate
Practice Areas: Commercial and general civil litigation
STCL Involvement: Phi Delta Phi,  Young Alumni Council, Alumni Association Board of Directors
Favorite Professor: Gershowitz
Favorite STCL Memory: Strong presence in the Houston legal community

Jen Falk '06 - Alumni Admissions Network

Email: jenniferfalk@yahoo.com
Location: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate Institution: Southern Methodist University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Undergraduate Major: English/Philosophy
Employer Name: Dallas County District Attorney’s Office
Title: Assistant District Attorney, Sexual Assault Unit
Practice Areas: Criminal Law
STCL Involvement: While at STCL – Student Bar Association, Board of Advocates, Mock Trial Teams, Moot Court Teams
Post graduation – Adjunct Professor at STCL of Mock Trial Litigation, Advocacy Coach, Admissions Network, Alumni Association Board of Directors and
Favorite Professor: Ray Moses, Susan Crump, Gerald Treece
Favorite STCL Memory: The Advocacy Program

Email: kelseyleiper@yahoo.com
Location: Houston, TX
Undergraduate Institution: Texas A&M University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Undergraduate Major: Management
Employer Name: Harris County District Attorney’s Office
Title: Assistant District Attorney
Practice Areas: Criminal Litigation
STCL Involvement: Law Review, Mock Trial, and Moot Court
Favorite Professor: Professor Goodman
Favorite STCL Memory: Practical training for real world practice

Email: xmartin@rmalonelaw.com
Location: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate Institution: Baylor University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Undergraduate Major: Finance
Employer Name: Robbie Malone, PLLC
Title: Senior Associate Attorney
Practice Areas: Business Litigataion, Insurance Defense, Creditor’s Rights
Favorite Professor: Ray Moses and Mark Steiner
Favorite STCL Memory: Practical experience gained

Douglas McNabb '80 - Alumni Admissions Network

Email: mcnabb@douglasmcnabb.com
Location: Houston, TX
Undergraduate Institution: Houston Baptist University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science
Undergraduate Major: Political Science & History
Employer Name: Douglas McNabb, Attorney at Law
Title: Senior Principal
Practice Areas: Federal and International Criminal Defense, INTERPOL Red Notice Removal, US Dept. of Treasury/OFAC Sanctions Removal, International Extradition
STCL Involvement: Adjunct Professor – International Criminal Law, Federal Corporate and White Collar Crime
Favorite STCL Memory: Adjunct Law Professors

Email: wpace@pacelaw.net
Location: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate Institution: Washington University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Employer Name: Pace & Pace LLP
Title: Partner
Practice Areas: Corporate governance and start-ups; commercial transactions and litigation; estate planning and probate; and securities arbitration.

Brant Stogner '06 - Alumni Admissions Network

Email: bstogner@abrahamwatkins.com
Location: Houston, TX
Undergraduate Institution: University of Houston & Texas A&M University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting
Undergraduate Major: Accounting
Employer Name: Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Friend
Title: Partner
Practice Areas: Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law
STCL Involvement: Heavily involved in Advocacy (both moot court and mock trial) while in law school.  Coached moot court and mock trial teams after graduation.  Currently a Vice President on the Alumni Association Board of Directors
Favorite Professor: T. Gerald Treece (and Shaun Devine) – Susan Crump (runner up)
Favorite STCL Memory: It has the best advocacy program in the nation – by far
LinkedIn URL: www.linkedin.com/in/brantstogner

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