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Competitions & Wins

Advocacy Competitions in Dispute Resolution

The Frank Evans Center, in conjunction with the Advocacy Program, manages and administers a number of regional, national, and international law student competitions with the concentration and focus on representing clients in a variety of dispute resolution methods. Under the supervision and coaching of faculty and alumni, students have competed in numerous competitions, both at home and abroad. Due to their rigorous practice schedules, students receive academic credit for participation on traveling teams. To be eligible to compete, students must try out at the DR Intramural Tournament held annually in September.

Our teams have brought home 24 wins in recent years and an unprecedented number of appearances as finalists. The law school placed 3rd in the nation on the American Bar Association’s 2022-23 Competition Champions list. The last several years have been fantastic for the DR competition teams! Thank you to all who have helped South Texas Law teams have successful years.

South Texas Law teams participate in the following DR competitions:

ABA Client Counseling Competition:

This ABA-sponsored competition involves a law office consultation with a potential client. The law students, acting as attorneys, are presented with a client matter and conduct an interview with the potential client. After gathering information, they counsel the client on how they would proceed further in the hypothetical case. This competition is hosted regionally in February each year.

ABA Negotiation Competition:

Also part of the ABA Law Student Division, in this competition, students practice legal negotiation in a variety of legal matters. The competition features two teams of co-counsel who negotiate a settlement of a legal matter on behalf of their respective clients. This competition is hosted regionally in November each year.

ABA Representation in Mediation Competition:

This ABA-sponsored competition involves the negotiation of a dispute in mediation. Students switch between the role of lawyer and client. This competition is hosted regionally in March each year.

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