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When we consider the meaning of diversity, one of the first descriptors that comes to mind is “difference.” Diversity means difference. Each of us is unlike anyone else. Diversity is also multi-faceted. It requires us to see the world more broadly, not merely from our lens, not only in black and white. Diversity, however, also includes commonalities, something on which we rarely focus. The South Texas community is diverse in opinion, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, physical ability, income, political affiliation, and all other characteristics that make us who we are.

Beyond rejecting the idea that the differences in others are inconsequential, inherently wrong, or generally lesser, we should seek to appreciate and welcome the divergent characteristics we see in others. We also can connect with one another on our similarities, of which there there are likely many.

To succeed, and advance we must be a community that strives – every day and in every way – to respect the diversity in others and embrace our shared characteristics. Even in disagreement we must strive for understanding. This kind of community encourages the very best in its individual members and, consequently, elevates the community as a whole.


Michael F. Barry, President and Dean
Shelby A. Dickerson-Moore, Vice President, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Professor of Law

Spotlight on Diversity

Distinguished Attorney Gives Back to His Law School Alma Mater, Donating $3 Million to Establish The Benny Agosto, Jr. Diversity Center at South Texas College of Law Houston

Houston trial attorney Benny Agosto, Jr.’s recent gift to establish a diversity center at his alma mater, South Texas College of Law Houston, combined two of his life passions: giving back to the community and encouraging more diversity in the legal field. >> Read more

More Than Just a Gathering Place: AMICUS Builds Community and Allyship

Now in its third decade at STCL Houston, AMICUS continues its mission of supporting the LGBTQ community as it “educates, advises and informs its members and the College community about issues and concerns, particularly in the practice of law, that affect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) people.” >> Read more

Alumna Genora K. Boykins ’85 Becomes First Woman, First African American to Serve as Chair of South Texas College of Law Houston Board of Directors

Alumna Genora K. Boykins ’85 took the helm as chair of the South Texas College of Law Houston board of directors at the Dec. 8 board meeting, becoming the first woman and first African American to win election to this key leadership position at Houston’s oldest law school.
>> Read more

STCL Houston, NAACP Houston Branch Sign Historic Agreement to Continue Fight for Clemency for Camp Logan Soldiers Unjustly Convicted, Punished in Houston in 1917

A large crowd of community leaders gathered at South Texas College of Law Houston to officially commemorate the law school’s ongoing collaboration with the NAACP Houston Branch to fight for clemency for the 110 soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 24thInfantry Regiment convicted by General Courts-Martial for their alleged role in the 1917 Camp Logan uprising.
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