The Houston College of Law Clinical Programs and
     The Randall O. Sorrels Legal Clinics offer:

  • An array of civil practice opportunities that prepare students for small or solo practice, or to begin meaningful pro bono service for those students pursuing law firm, corporate and government careers;

  • Specialized clinics to provide exposure to transactional lawyering;

  • Discrete clinics that expose students to cutting edge issues and bring to life substantive law discussions from the classroom;

  • Clinics that explore current practices and limitations, while suggesting systemic change;

  • An array of externship opportunities that guide students working in the field in every sector of government service, in public interest lawyering and non-profit venues, and in state and federal judicial chambers;

  • A co-curricular pro bono program that encourages, supports and celebrates the professional value of ensuring access to justice.

More than 15 direct service clinics, 7 academic internships, and a vibrant volunteer Pro Bono project