Animal Law Clinic

What We Do

STCL Houston’s Animal Law Clinic serves as a resource for students, professors, attorneys, organizations, media, and individual clients on animal rights law and advocacy. The ALC assists organizations and attorneys involved in animal protection litigation, legislation, and policy work.

Under the guidance of South Texas faculty members and ALC staff attorneys, second- and third-year law students research and analyze developments in animal protection law. Although the ALC focuses on animal protection issues of the Texas and Gulf regions, clinic attorneys and students maintain close connections with national and international animal welfare lawyers and activists.

South Texas College of Law Houston is the first and only school with an Animal Law Clinic in Texas. Student members of STCL Houston’s Animal Law Society will provide hands-on support to the school’s newest clinic.

Why We Selected This Clinic

As the initial outreach of the ALC, law students and faculty directors are creating a comprehensive disaster readiness manual in response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey on area animals. The manual will set out specific protocols and best practices for animal protection before, during, and after catastrophic events.

Who’s Involved

Catherine G. Burnett
Vice President, Associate Dean and Professor of Law
Director of the Pro Bono Honors Program


Elizabeth Dennis
Associate Dean and Professor of Law

Fran Ortiz
Professor of Law

Salise Shuttlesworth
Co-director of the ALC
STCL Houston Adjunct Professor
Executive Director of Friends for Life Animal
Shelter & Sanctuary
Pat Guter
Animal Rights Attorney

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