Beginning Tuesday, March 17 and until further notice, STCL Houston will close to outside visitors and only essential personnel will be expected to report to work. Supervisors will reach out to staff with additional information on modified operations. Staff should contact their supervisors or HR with questions. The school will provide additional updates as they become available. Please visit for updated information.

Adjunct Faculty and Fellows

Adjunct Professor Course(s) Email
Aderholt, Ben Construction Law
Ashworth, Kimberly Child Welfare Clinic
Domestic Violence Clinic
Birnberg, Gerald M. Recent U.S. Supreme Court Case
Brown, Tim International Petroleum Transactions
Brownman, Chuck Contract Building Blocks
Oil, Gas, & Mineral Law
Transactional Skills – Corporate
Calderon, Carlos Family Law: Basic Clinic
Champion, Walt Amateur Sports Law
Professional Sports Law Seminar
Dahm, Lisa Contract Neg & Drafting
Dole, Linda Transactional Skills – Energy
Downey, Daniel M. Civil Trial Advocacy
Entertainment Law
Edwards, Sebastian Criminal Trial Advocacy
Estlinbaum, John C. Damages
Fleming, Ben International Human Rights
Gist, Lawrence J. Criminal Corrections Seminar Criminal Trial Advocacy
Gold, Jeff Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
Greenberg, Roger Arbitration Law
Grimsinger, William Taxation – Federal Procedure
Ho, Vinh Immigration Clinic
Jenkins Washington, Crystal Guardianship Clinic
Probate Clinic
Johnson, Annette E. Mock Trial Litigation
Voir Dire/Jury Communication
Johnson, Carolyn Voir Dire/Jury Communication
Keyes, David R. Transactional Skills – Energy
Transactional Skills Corporate
Kirby, M R. TX Oil, Gas and Land Title
Kosturakis, Irene Transactional Skills Int’l Bus
Krueger, Tenley Patent Clinic
Kwartler, Eric Child Welfare Clinic
Lawton, Alec J. Guardianship Clinic
Veterans Clinic
Lee, Katarina Health Law Survey
Bioethics and the Law Seminar
Maldonado, Amy Immigration Clinic
Manning, Colleen Advanced Legal Research Skills
McCay, R. Scott Offshore Oil & Gas Development
McCorkle, Lamar Civil Pretrial Advocacy
McNabb, Douglas C. International Crim Law & Pro
Comparative Legal Systems
Corporate White Collar Crime
Comparative Law
Miller, Ben Transactional Skills – Real Estate
Moore, Roy Family Law Trial Advocacy
Mock Trial Litigation
Nechman, John A. HIV & Law Sem
Sexual Orientation & Law Sem
Ng, Antony Internet Law
Noles, Mitzi Transactional Skills Real Est
Papadakis, Myron Aviation Law Seminar
Pierce, Frank P. Urban & Poverty Law Seminar
Politics of Race Seminar
Powell, Michael T. Civil Trial Advocacy
Rice, Ken International Petroleum Transactions
Sadler, Randy TX Oil, Gas and Land Title
Shen, Tim Trademark Clinic
Shuchart, Fred L. Insurance Law
Insurance Law Seminar
Shurn, Peter J. Patent Litigation Workshop I
Patent Litigation Workshop II
Religion, Law & Ethics Seminar
Guns, Laws, & Politics
Smith, Darlene Admin of Estates & Guardianship
Stodghill, Lance Taxation – Federal Procedure
Taylor, Amy Civil Pretrial Advocacy
Todd, Robert Legislation Seminar
Trusch, Norma L. Collaborative Law Training
Tyson, Hilary Transactional Skills – Real Estate
Wettman, Bruce Mediation Clinic
Mediation Theory & Practice
Whitmire, Michael O. Contract Building Blocks
Yoked, Tommer MarshallBrennan Con Law Clinic
Zimmermann, Terri Military Law for Civilian Attorneys
Zipple-Shedd, Kristin Asylum/Human TraffickingClinic