Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background Tips

If you are representing the law school while participating in an external Zoom meeting or multi-person event, please consider these tips for a professional look and feel: 

Check your lighting 

Lighting is critical. Your face needs to be brighter than the background. Try placing a shaded lamp in front of you, just to either side of your device or directly behind it. Sitting in front of a window for soft, even daylight works well also. Avoid harsh shadows. 

Make sure you are close enough – and LEVEL with the camera. 

You will need to sit closer than normal to your device. Sitting too far away will make you look small. Avoid sitting with your device in your lap. 

Position yourself to the left of the logo. 

Frame yourself within this space, not too low, not too high. 

Use the HD mode in your video settings for a better-quality picture. 

Check out this helpful guide with examples!

If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to Pete Vogel at pvogel@stcl.edu. 


Branded Zoom Backgrounds

To download a branded Zoom virtual background, simply click on the image, when the large image appears on a new page,
right-click on it and select “save image.”