South Texas largely will be returning to normal operations effective June 1, 2021.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Facial coverings are required on campus except in individual offices or individual study rooms, or while eating or drinking. Any areas not considered individual offices or individual study rooms are “common areas” and require facial coverings and social distancing of six feet. If another person enters an individual office or an individual study room, both individuals must wear a facial covering, and both must maintain a distance of six feet or more.

For the definition of “facial covering” please see the Code of Conduct.

No, unless a student has a medical condition that requires eating or drinking in class.  Students may not remove their facial covering during class to eat or drink. Food must be consumed by placing it under the facial covering. Drinks, if necessary, should be consumed by using a straw and placing it under the facial covering. At the end of the class, students must clean their desk area of all trash, debris, and leave their desk-area clean.

Purchasing or consuming food in the deli area is subject to the following policies:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before entering the deli area, and after eating or drinking.
  • All members of the community must wear a facial covering while standing in line or ordering food at the deli counter and must maintain six feet distance between individuals.
  • When seated at a table in the deli area, you may remove your facial covering immediately before consuming your food or drinks, and put on your mask immediately after eating. Please be conscientious of your time in this area to accommodate others who may wish to use the space.
  • Clean all trash, debris, and other items from the table as you leave.
  • Maintain a distance of six feet between individuals in this space.

Yes. Facial coverings may be removed for individuals in an assigned office, or alone in a study room.

Yes. Both individuals must maintain a distance of six feet or more and both must wear a facial covering.

No. You must wear a facial covering in common areas at all times. A study carrel is considered a common area for purposes of the COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

No one should be in a common area without a facial covering, as it is a component of each of our agreed-upon commitment to access the building. If you see someone who is not wearing a facial covering, ask them to put one on immediately. If they do not comply, contact a member of the security team (713-646-1743 or, who will address the situation.

It is the responsibility of each of us to have a facial covering every day we are are on campus. As it is a requirement that everyone in Houston wear a mask in public, it is expected that everyone already will have a mask when arriving at campus. Those without a mask will not be able to access the building until they are able to obtain a facial covering.

Yes. STCL Houston will use the ReturnSafe app to streamline the entry of individuals to campus and manage the confidential notification process for those in proximity of potentially exposed or infected persons. The app was selected for its many benefits to our community, including confidential tracking of potentially exposed or infected persons while on the STCL Houston campus, automatic notification to those within six feet of potentially affected persons in our buildings, and tracing of individuals only while they are on the STCL Houston campus.


  • The app uses Bluetooth technology via smartphones and is “geofenced” — meaning it only identifies individuals while they are on the STCL Houston campus.
  • All members of the STCL Houston community are required to keep their smartphones with them at all times and the devices’ Bluetooth turned “on” throughout the duration of their stay on campus.
  • All individuals with smartphones will log onto the app prior to entering campus and will receive a daily, dated electronic “badge” if cleared, which the Security Desk will verify via smartphone screens.
  • Those without smartphones will follow a daily, manual check-in process at the Security Desk before entering the Atrium.
  • Individuals who are not cleared through the app or Security Desk will not be permitted to enter campus.

Information on how to download and use the ReturnSafe App can be found here: Downloading information, Instructions for use.

It is strongly encouraged that all group study be conducted through a video-conferencing tool. The school has provided Zoom accounts for all students, which is a preferred format for group study.  Most conference rooms do not provide enough space for social distancing between students.

No. There will be no in-person STCL Houston-sanctioned on- or off-campus events — including student events — for the beginning of the fall semester. STCL Houston will reassess this policy on a regular basis throughout the semester based on COVID-19 statistics in the region.

Student organizations and groups are prohibited from meeting in-person in the building or promoting their organization in common areas on campus. All student meetings are to be held remotely. This is an opportunity to become creative in your efforts to promote your group’s fundraising activities and member recruitment.

There are numerous spaces across campus that students will have access. Movement throughout the building has been modified to promote social distancing and limit face-to-face exposure. Unused classrooms and conference rooms will not be accessible if they are not in use for a school-sponsored event.

All members of our community must read and follow signage placed throughout the building, indicating specific movement or spacing of individuals in high-traffic areas.

Elevators are limited to either two or four riders maximum, and individuals are to place themselves in each corner of the elevator, as indicated by floor signage. If you are in line to gain access to an elevator, all members of the community must socially distance while waiting to use an elevator. If you do not have mobility concerns, you are encouraged to use a stairwell to gain access to other floors. Social distancing of six feet must be maintained in all areas of the building, including the stairwells.

In stairwells, always remain on the right side whether traveling up or down and maintain safe social practices when traveling in stairwells or hallways.

For students with in-person classes, please plan on arriving early to your classroom, allowing all students to socially distance when entering a classroom. If you wish to enter a classroom that students are departing, please remain in the hall at a safe social distance and allow students to leave the classroom before entering.

All floors with classrooms, faculty offices, or student-service departments have been labeled with one-way traffic signage to indicate the route individuals are to use when entering or exiting a room.

Yes. Depending on whether you are a 1L student, or a returning 2L or 3L student, options are available for you.

For 1L students:

If you are a 1L and attended an in-person class, and your next class immediately after is an online class, you can remain in your seat in the in-person classroom to attend your online class. You may also come early to the classroom if your first class is an online class, and your next immediate class is in-person; simply come to your in-person classroom early and you can attend your online class in this room. You must bring your laptop and headphones to access your online course. Social distancing must be maintained if there are others in the class who also wish to participate in their next online class.

For 2L and 3L students:

We have set up the following classrooms for 2L and 3L students to use if they are attending an online class and timing is adjacent to an in-person class. Please go to rooms 413, 416, or 516 for a classroom you can use to attend your online course. If seats in the available classrooms are taken, please contact security (, or call 713-646-1743) about the space shortage and additional space will be set up for your use. You may also consider an alternate place on campus to attend your online class such as the student lounge, the Keri Brown lounge, a library study carrel, or other locations on campus.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, the law school will be making a determination about law school-sponsored travel on a month-by-month basis. To start the fall semester, there will not be any law school-sponsored travel for the month of August and September. Updates for future months will be forthcoming.

The only visitors permitted to enter the law school’s building are those that have an existing connection to the community or are needed to perform a critical function on campus. There will not be any public access to the Library.

  1. Faculty/Staff Visitors (This includes vendors or other business visitors.)
    Send an email request to with the name of visitor, date/times on campus, and the purpose of the visit.
    After approval, register the visitor through EZ Lobby. (If EZ Lobby is not used, the visitor will have to complete the manual registration process at the front desk before entry.)
    All COVID-19 safety protocols in place at the law school apply to these visitors.
    Children below the age of 5 are exempt from needing to be registered and from the safety protocols. However, children should not spend more than an hour in the building.
  2. Clinic Visitors
    Register clinic visitors through EZ Lobby. (If EZ Lobby is not used, the visitor will have to complete the manual registration process at the front desk before entry.)
    Whenever possible, all clinic visitor meetings should be held in the atrium or, if a more private setting is needed, an open mediation room on the first floor.
    All COVID-19 safety protocols in place at the law school apply to these visitors.
    Children below the age of 5 are exempt from needing to be registered and from the safety protocols.
  3. Visitors Accompanying Students
    Unless part of an existing program (e.g. Bell Ringing), send an email request to with the name of visitor, date/times on campus, and the purpose of the visit. (If approval is not received, the visitor will have to complete the manual registration process at the front desk before entry.)
    The visitor’s presence on campus must be for a specific purpose, other than to just accompany a student. The visitor should not be on campus for more than one hour.
    All COVID-19 safety protocols in place at the law school apply to these visitors.
    Children below the age of 5 are exempt from needing to be registered and from the safety protocols, but should not spend more than an hour in the building.

Yes. The law school has enhanced its cleaning protocol throughout the building, including the following:

Two cleaning shifts will be onsite each day, assigned to regular cleaning of specific areas within the building.

Services include emptying trash, cleaning common areas, restrooms, and disinfecting high-touch areas throughout the day.

The disinfection of high-touch areas include:

  • Main entrance door handles
  • Security desk computer
  • Entrance turnstile tops
  • Elevator lobby call buttons
  • Elevator cab buttons
  • Stair door handles
  • Restroom door handles

Individual offices for faculty and staff should be cleaned and disinfected twice per day by the individual assigned to the office. Should you require disinfecting wipes for your office, contact property services at x1765 or email

  • Individuals are required to report all cases of suspected COVID-19 exposure or infection — as soon as two or more COVID-19 symptoms appear — through the ReturnSafe app. (Coronavirus symptoms include a fever, sore throat, cough, significant headache, loss of smell or taste, or body aches, among others. Please visit the CDC website for a complete list of symptoms).
  • Individuals with a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above are required to stay away from campus, get tested for COVID-19, and report a negative test result on the ReturnSafe app before returning to school.
  • Those without smartphones are required to self-report any potential exposure or infection via email to (CC
  • Those with potential COVID-19 exposure or infection are required to quarantine away from campus for 14 days and submit a negative COVID-19 test on the ReturnSafe app before returning to school.

For information on various scenarios for individuals affected by COVID-19, please see the Policy on Potential or Suspected COVID-19 Cases.

Any community member who violates the law school’s health and safety protocols (e.g., not practicing safe distance practices or not wearing a facial covering in a common area) will be provided notice of such violation. The member must immediately correct for his or her violation and strictly comply with all health safety protocols thereafter. If the community member refuses to immediately correct for his or her violation, security (ext. 1743) will be notified, and the member will be escorted from the building and subject to further sanctions.

What are the Library’s hours? Will there be someone there to help me?  Can someone help me virtually?

Yes.  The Library has onsite services and virtual services.  See the schedule on the website –  (scroll down) or see the Library tab on STANLEY

Where do I find study Guides?

The Library offers many study Guides.  See the Student Study Guide portlet on the Library tab on STANLEY.  Most study guides are available in an electronic format.

What Library Databases are available to offsite?

All Library databases are available offsite through STANLEY.  See the Electronic Resources portlet on the Library tab.  Alternatively see our Library guide on distance education resources at

Where and how do I reserve a Study Room?

Temporary Study Room Reservations Policies (during the COVID-19 pandemic) are posted at  Please note that reservations are not available during scheduled cleaning times at the end of each weekday evening.  The link to reserve a study room is in the top portlet under the Library tab in STANLEY.  Study rooms that are currently assigned to a recent graduate studying for the bar are not available for use. These rooms are marked with a sign and are unavailable in the reservation system.  Social distancing and facial coverings must be worn in any study room with more than one person occupying it.

Can I eat in the Library?

Students may eat in the Library if alone in a study room.  The Library policy is that cold food and snacks may be consumed in the study rooms. Hot/smelly food should not be eaten in the Library.  See

Are there seating restrictions in the Library?

Social distancing must be observed in the Library.  Generally, students can sit where they choose as long as they are observing the social distancing and facial covering guidelines.

Are library materials being cleaned after each use?

The Library is following the generally accepted practice of placing circulated materials in quarantine for three days.  The quarantine will be applied to reserve materials as well as other returned items.   Print reserve materials that are available electronically will not circulate.  As there is no practical way to track materials on the open shelves, please treat these materials as if someone has touched them recently.  Don’t touch your face and wash your hands.

I need access to a book that is only available in print and I am an online only student.  How do I access the material?

Please contact the Reference Desk with your request. Within the restrictions of copyright, the Library will scan and email sections of print books. Curbside pick-up or pick-up at the Security Desk is available for online only students for books that usually circulate outside the Library. In appropriate circumstances, books can be mailed to online only students.

For information on course schedules, grading, attendance policy, and course administration, visit the FAQ page on the Registrar’s webpage.

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Changing situations and evolving issues.

These policies and guidelines will be supplemented from time to time with answers to frequently asked questions and updates to those issues that may arise as the semester evolves. Please take note of all updates and FAQs as they are published.

If you have questions about these policies or procedures, please email

We trust that everyone in our community will adhere to these policies to ensure the maximum safety for everyone in our community.