Residence Study Requirement

The residence study requirement adopted by Houston College of Law satisfies the American Bar Association's residence study requirement set out by the ABA Standards for Approval of Law Schools. The completion of not fewer than 1,120 class hours extending over a period of three years or 90 weeks for full-time students, and four years or 120 weeks for part-time student is required.

The ABA Standards for Approval of Law Schools provide generally as follows: A student may be permitted to graduate in fewer than three (full-time) or four (part-time) academic years by earning not more than one semester of residency credit for taking summer courses, if (1) the student meets the class hour requirements, (2) the student (if full-time) meets the employment limitations, and (3) the summer instructional programs in which the student enrolls total at least 70 semester days over two or more summers during which classes are regularly scheduled in law school.

A full-time student would fulfill the residence study requirement by satisfactorily completing a minimum of 15 semester hours in six long semesters (fall and spring). Under the Standards, a full-time student can substitute two or more summer sessions totaling 70 semester days of regularly-scheduled classes for one regular fall or spring semester. Therefore, a full-time student would also fulfill the residence study requirement by satisfactorily completing a full-time course load (12 or more semester hours) in five long semesters (fall and spring) and two summer sessions (7 or more semester hours on campus at the college).

A part-time student would normally fulfill the residence study requirement by satisfactorily completing 90 semester hours during a four-year period.

A combination of (1) full-time and part-time semesters or summer sessions, (2) overloads and/or underloads, or (3) visiting study at another institution, may result in failure to meet the residence study requirement, even though a total of 90 semester hours of credit required for graduation has been earned. A student must continue to take courses until the residence study requirement is satisfied.





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