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Middle School Students Conduct “Mock Trial” at STCL Houston, Learn About the Law

Approximately 110 seventh- and eighth-grade students from St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School visited South Texas College of Law Houston today to learn about the law and conduct their own mock trial.

The event, sponsored by the Houston Bar Association and spearheaded by Shannon and John Ramirez and Rachel and Clay Steely – who met and married after meeting at STCL Houston as law students – involved the role play of an actual case, with eighth-grade students filling the roles of judge, attorneys, witnesses, and 12 jurors.

Participating seventh-grade students assumed the role of attentive listeners as they watched their older classmates conduct the mock trial. After watching the eighth-graders in action, the seventh-grade students plan to hold their own mock trial next year, while students from the incoming seventh-grade class will listen and learn.

Thirty parents and several teachers from the middle school accompanied the young students for the special event.