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Cover caption "Greatest Work of Jurisprudence" – 3 Tex.B.J. Issue #11 (1940). Photo of Chairman Angus G. Wynne with Justice John H. Sharp and W.F. Moore.

Court to Appoint Bar Committee – 3 Tex. B.J. 18 (1940).

Committee Begins Work on Rules – 3 Tex. B.J. 53 (1940).
  • Photo captioned "the Supreme Court's advisors on rules of civil procedure...Robert W. Calvert, Allan Clark, James W. McClendon, Robert W. Stayton, James P. Alexander, Allen Montgomery, Winbourn Pearce, Roy W. McDonald and R.B. Leavy.
  • Photo captioned "Committeemen Marion N. Chrestman, Randolph L. Carter, W.E. Orgain, Dallas Scarborough, Ben H. Powell and Angus F. Wynne, and Miss Louise Worley, secretary.
  • Photo captioned "Let's not forget we have a big job," W.R. Chapman, Dallas Scarborough, Richard Burgess, and J.B. Dooley.

Rule-Making Work is Apportioned – 3 Tex. B.J. 103 (1940).

Association Activities – 3 Tex. B.J. 112 (1940).

  • Photo captioned "Members of three Valley bar associations met in Harlingen February 10... at right Henry Lauderdale, Judge A.M. Kent and at far right Preston Shirley. "
  • Photo captioned "The rougher element of El Paso Bar Association..."; R.E. Cunningham, W.D. Howe, Judge Edwin Mechem (Las Cruces, N.M.), Chief Justice P.R. Price (8th Court of Civil Appeals), Angus G. Wynne, Allen Grambling, U.S. District Court Judge Charles A. Boynton, Dave Mulcahy, District Judge James R. McGehee (Roswell, N.M.), Paul Thomas and Wyndam White.

Clear Away the Brush by Judge J.T. Suggs, Jr. – 3 Tex. B.J. 133 (1940).

  • Photo of Judge J.T. Suggs, Jr.

Sub-Committees Study Rules – 3 Tex. B.J. 135 (1940).

Procedural Reform and the Apostles of Status Quo by Franklin Jones – 3 Tex. B.J. 137 (1940).

  • Photo of Franklin Jones.

Lawyers Tell Views on Rules – 3 Tex. B.J. 143 (1940).

  • Photo captioned "Lawyers at the San Antonio meeting..."

Dallas to have Three-Day Institute – 3 Tex. B.J. 147 (1940).

  • Photo of Charles T. McCormick.
  • Photo of Judge Charles H. Clark .

Civil Rules Begin to Take Form by Roy W. McDonald – 3 Tex. B.J. 179 (1940).

  • Photo of Roy W. McDonald .

Institutes Encourage Discussion – 3 Tex. B.J. 181 (1940).

  • Photos of Judge Robert W. Stayton, Judge W.O. Murray, Senator Woodville Rogers and Chief Justice Edward W. Smith (San Antonio Court of Civil Appeals).
  • Attendees of the Smith County Bar Association legal institute in Tyler.
  • Photos of Judge J.M. Combs, Lamar Cecil, D.L.. Broadus, W.E. Orgain, Mike Daughtry, J.R. Beck, Judge James P. Alexander (Waco Court of Civil Appeals), W.T. McNeill, and Judge Daniel Walker.

Procedural Reform – 3 Tex. B.J. 225 (1940).

Committee Studies Pre-Trial by Judge Robert W. Stayton – 3 Tex. B.J. 229 (1940).

Lawyers Ask Quick Reform – 3 Tex. B.J. 230 (1940).

  • Photo of Roy W. McDonald and attendees of the Wichita Falls Institute.
  • Photos of R.L. Long and John D. Cofer.
  • Photo of Vaughn E. Wilson, James P. Alexander, et al at the Lubbock Institute.

Federal Rules for Texas by Woodville Rogers - 3 Tex. B.J. 235 (1940).

Advisory Committee’s Work is Commended – 3 Tex. B.J. 297 (1940).

  • Photo of James L. Shepherd, Jr.

Federal Rules Would Remove Abuses by Franklin Jones - 3 Tex. B.J. 299 (1940).

  • Photo of Fanklin Jones.

Jury Cases Should Require Conferences – 3 Tex. B.J. 302 (1940).

  • Photo of J.T. Suggs, Jr.

Rules Committee Studies Appeals: Changes Involving Abridging the Record and Simplifying Briefs by Roy W. McDonald – 3 Tex. B.J. 375 (1940).

Stayton Leads Houston Institute – 3 Tex. B.J. 379 (1940).

  • Photo of attendees .

Completed Rules Urge Liberal Interpretation by Roy W. McDonald – 3 Tex. B.J. 404 (1940).

  • Photo caption "Seventeen of the twenty-one members of Supreme Court's advisory committee on rules of civil procedure...Judge Allen Montgomery, Randolph L. Carter, Alonzo Wasson (of the Dallas News) Allen Clark, J.B. Dooley, Judge Robert W. Stayton, Roy W. McDonald, Angus G. Wynne, Richard F. Burgess, Senator Olan R. Van Zandt, Marion N. Chrestman, Judge W.R. Chapman, Judge R.B. Levy, Winbourn Pearce, Judge James W. McClendon, Dallas Scarborough, Will R. Vinson, and Judge Ben H. Powell.

Rule-Making Completes Cycle Away from Concentration of Power by William Burrow – 3 Tex. B.J. 407 (1940).

  • Photo of William Burrow .

Court Gets New Rules – 3 Tex. B.J. 478 (1940).

  • Photo of Chief Justice Moore with Chairman Wynne, and Committeemen McClendon, Alexander, Burges, Calvert, and Clark.
  • Photo of S. A. Philquist with Committeemen Van Zandt, Montgomery and Scarborough.
  • Members of the Supreme Court and its advisory committee
    • James P. Alexander, Committee member
    • Richard F. Burges, Committee member
    • Robert W. Calvert, Committee member
    • Randolph Carter, Committee member
    • W.R. Chapman, Committee member
    • M.N. Chrestman, Committee member
    • Allen Clark, Committee member
    • Associate Justice Richard Critz
    • Commissioner S. H. German
    • Commissioner J.E. Hickman
    • R.B. Levy, Committee member
    • James W. McClendon, Committee member
    • Allan Montgomery, Committee member
    • Chief Justice W.F. Moore
    • S.A. Philquist, clerk
    • Ben H. Powell, Committee member
    • Dallas Scarborough, Committee member
    • Associate Justice John H. Sharp
    • Commissioner C.S. Slatton
    • Commissioner G.B. Smedley
    • Commissioner W.M. Taylor
    • Olan R. Van Zandt, Committee member
    • William A. Vinson, Committee member
    • Alonzo Wasson (Dallas News)
    • Angus G. Wynne, Committee Chairman

Supreme Court Names Procedure Rules Body -- 13 Tex. B.J. 27 (1950)

The Supreme Court of Texas has announced the appointment of 18 new members to its advisory committee on Rules of Civil Procedure.

The committee, originally composed of 21 members, was created by the Court in 1940 to assist in drafting the Rules of Procedure. Its membership had been decreased to 13 by the death of seven members and removal from the state of an­other. The new appointments fill these vacancies and increase the total member­ship to 31.

They are: W. S. Barron, Bryan ; W. R. Brown, Temple; Cecil N. Cook, Houston; Earl Cox, Houston; Ireland Graves, Austin; E. H. Grindstaff, Weatherford; Jo­seph W. Hale, Waco; Thornton Hardie, EI Paso; Carl Wright Johnson, San An­tonio; W. D. Masterson Jr., Dallas; L. D. Ratliff, Spur; Earl Roberts, Longview; R. E. Rouer, Fort Wortl1; Joe W. Sheehy, Tyler; Robert S. Vance, Texarkana; L. N., D.Wells Jr., Dallas; Allen Wood, Cor­pus Christi; and K. K. Woodley, Sabinal.

Members of the original advisory committee who are still serving are Chairman Angus G. Wynne, Longview; Robert W. Calvert, Hillsboro; Randolph L. Carter, San Antonio; Allen Clark, Greenville; Joseph B. Dooley, Amarillo; James W. McClendon, Austin; Allan D. Montgom­ery, Wichita; Falls; W. E. Orgain, Beau­mont; Ben H. Powell, Austin; Dallas Scarborough, Abilene; Robert W. Stayton, Austin; Olan R. Van Zandt, Sherman; and Wm. A. Vinson, Houston.

Mrs. Mary K. Wall, an attorney employed in the Supreme Court, has been designated executive secretary of the committee.

The committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Supreme Court in passing on proposed changes in the Rules of Procedure. The Supreme Court will also continue to ask the State Bar Committee on Administration of Justice and the Texas Civil Judicial Council to serve as ad­visory bodies on changes in the Rules.