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ADR Advocates          


This summer, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Advocates (“ADRA”) organized a workshop and intramural tournament.  The purpose of the program was to teach the law students about ADR and to put their skills into action.  All South Texas students were invited to participate, including incoming 1Ls, and it was well received by the students.

During the workshop, the students were educated by a variety of speakers: Judge Frank Evans on ADR, Dean James Alfini on Negotiation, Eileen Hohlt on Mediation, and Rafael Boza on Arbitration.  The speakers taught the students the basics of each area of ADR including how each process operates and what to expect as an attorney advocate.  The students then participated in a question and answer session with each professional to receive additional insight.

The program culminated in a Mediation competition where the students were paired as attorney and client and were given a problem in hopes of reaching a mutually beneficial solution.  The Houston ADR Community was instrumental in the success of the tournament in serving as the mediators and judges.  The students all enjoyed the opportunity to apply what they had learned and receive feedback on their performance.





ADR Advocates

The Frank Evans Center for Conflict Resolution

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