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Helen Bishop Jenkins
Executive Vice President and Professor of Law

"Professional integrity is the conscience of our legal culture. The mission of a thorough legal education should be to integrate the subject of ethics as a constant companion to the study of each phase of law. Only if we who teach impart an integral sense of dignity and trust, will we have contributed meaningfully in preserving the respect due our profession by our community."

BME, Peabody Conservatory of John Hopkins Institute
MME, Howard University
J.D., University of Houston Law Center

Email: hjenkins@stcl.edu

Phone: 713.646.1887

Office: 232T

Areas of expertise: wills, trusts & estates, property, administration of estates and guardianships

Associate Dean and Professor Helen B. Jenkins teaches, writes and speaks in the areas of Wills, Trusts, Estate Administration and Guardianship Law. Her practice experience in the area of creditor’ rights in decedents’ estates has formed the basis for much of her scholarship and lectures.

Dean Jenkins has authored the textbook Estate Administration and Guardianships in Texas for her skills course of the same name, which adopts a problem-solving medium for instruction in these complex areas. Her scholarship has appeared in law reviews of Harvard Blackletter, Baylor, Alabama, and Seton Hall.

She has taught Wills Trusts and Estates, Administration of Estates, Trusts and Fiduciary Responsibility, Property I & II and Mediation. She has been a frequent continuing education lecturer in probate practice areas, real estate in probate and creditor claims in probate proceedings.

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