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Guess Who!

Use this form to submit a unique skill, attribute, experience, or trait that others don’t know about you. Think back and recall that unique thing that might surprise others – and of which, you secretly might be proud!

Depending on the quantity of responses received, we may not be able to use all submissions in our game. Please do not be offended if your unique trait isn’t included. We know all South Texas employees are special!

Submit your answer no later than May 17!

Examples (brief is best):

  • My thumbs are double jointed, and I can place my thumbs flat on my wrist.
  • I once walked on the roof of the Astrodome.
  • I was born in Timbuktu.
  • My fifth-grade science experiment caught the classroom on fire.
  • I trained my dog to ring a hotel desk bell when he wants to go outside.
Guess Who