COVID Attendance and Class-Recording Policy

Covid Attendance and Class-Recording Policy, Fall 2022

Subject to revision by the faculty on Aug. 19, 2022


  1. If you are a student who cannot attend a particular class session in-person because you are quarantining or isolating pursuant to STCL Houston’s requirements, you may make up the missed class session by watching a video recording of the missed class session. Each of your professors will determine the procedures you must follow to verify you watched the recording.


  1. You must continue to report your anticipated absences to health@stcl.edu and your professors. The report should be made prior to the class(es) that will be missed as a result of Covid.


  1. If you are a student not required to quarantine or isolate but who must miss class sessions for some other reason relating to Covid (for example, having to stay home to care for a child or other family member, if necessary, who has Covid), notify your professor. The professor will refer your situation to Associate Dean Ted Field and Vice President Mandi Gibson for a determination on whether you can make up the missed class session by watching a video recording of the missed class session. If approved to do so, you must verify having watched the recording as required by the professor, as set out in paragraph 1.


  1. If you wish to apply for long-term accommodations related to Covid, you must contact Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Gena Singleton for consideration for possible accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Class Recording

  1. Recording of all class sessions is mandatory for courses with enrollment that exceeds 20 students.


  1. For courses whose enrollment is 20 or fewer students, a professor may choose not to record a class in which no student will be absent for Covid-related reasons, or, alternatively, in which no student is absent.