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Private (Alternative) Loans

Private alternative loans are credit-based and are designed to assist students who may have exhausted their Federal student loan eligibility. Interest rates on these loans vary from lender to lender and none of these loans are eligible for Federal borrower benefits including: Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Federal Income-Based Repayment, Federal Deferments, or Federal Forbearance.

NOTE: Students should exhaust all Federal Direct loans and other assistance available to them before considering a private alternative loan.

FASTChoice is an interactive website that assists students in comparing and applying for private/alternative loans.  Students using this tool will be able to make informed decisions about borrowing private/alternative loans.


South Texas College of Law (STCL) has no agreements or affiliations with lenders and cannot warrant that any terms are guaranteed or are the best available; better terms may exist. To compare all aspects of the loan programs, we encourage our students to contact the individual lenders.    STCL does not endorse or recommend any of these lenders.