STCL Houston Scholarships

South Texas College of Law Houston is committed to helping make higher education affordable to our students.

Please click the link below to access the scholarship database and to review available scholarships.

The below scholarships are awarded annually from STCL Houston. Students will be emailed when they open.

3L Class Gift Scholarship Endowment Fund

Alex Silverman Memorial Scholarship

ALI CLE Scholarship and Leadership Award

AMICUS Endowed Scholarship

Bob Casey Endowed Scholarship

Charles R. “Bob” Dunn Endowed Scholarship

Charles Weigel II Tort Scholarship

Charlie Price Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Breen Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Claire Ruskin Mudge Endowed Scholarship

Commander Steve Bozeman, JACG (Ret.) Scholarship for Veterans

Darlene and Mac A. Greco Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Darryl M. Burman Scholarship Fund

David V. Wilson II ’93 Endowed Scholarship

Dean’s Citizenship Award

Dean’s Outstanding Advocate Award

Dean’s Recognition for Extraordinary Service Award

Dean’s Student Advocacy Service Award

Dick H. Gregg Endowed Scholarship

Dick Hoskins Gregg Endowed Scholarship

Dickerson-Moore Humanitarian Award

Don D. Jordan – Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Endowed Scholarship

Don Sepolio Scholarship

Edgar E. Townes Endowed Scholarship in Memorial of George T. Barrow and W.J. Williamson

Elaine A. Carlson Scholarship for Texas Judicial Clerkships

Elizabeth A. Dennis Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth A. Dennis Langdell Scholar Award

Elizabeth P. and Harold R. Williams Foundation Scholarship

Erin Hunter Patterson Scholarship

Evelyn M. Roberts Endowed Scholarship

Florence Jane Yount Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Frank T. Abraham Distinguished Endowed Scholarship for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Garland R. Walker Memorial Scholarship

George Fred Rhodes, Sr. ’54 Scholarship

Greater Houston Business Ethics Roundtable Scholarship (GHBER)

Harry L. Reed Memorial Scholarship

Hays Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Award

Helen B. Jenkins Probate and Estate Law Annual Scholarship

Honorable Michael H. Schneider, Jr., Animal Law Society Award

Howard F. Warren Endowed Scholarship

Hyman L. Slohm Memorial Scholarship

Imogen S Papadopoulos ’84 Annual Scholarship

J. Chad and Rebecca Parker Annual Scholarship

Jack C. Ogg Scholarship

James Michael “Mike” Anderson ’82

James Michael “Mike” Anderson ’82 Endowed Scholarship

Jeff E. Rusk ’83 Advocacy Scholarship Fund

Jim Alfini/Hans Lawton Award

Joe M. Green, Jr. Scholarship

John F. Ensle Award in Evidence

John S. Holleman Scholarship

Joscelyn Wilder Scholarship Fund

Judge and Mrs. Bert Tunks Endowed Scholarship

Judge Bob W. Robertson Endowed Scholarship

Kenesha L. Starling Scholarship for Minority and Second Career Students

Kenneth Fountain Endowed Scholarship

Lizbeth Parham Matthews Scholarship

Lylene Pilkenton Scholarship Award

Lyndon B. Johnson Civil Rights Award

MABATX Foundation Scholarship

Melissa Moon Memorial Scholarship

Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Award

Pamela E. George Family Law Award

Pamela E. George Family Law Scholarship

Pamela George honoring Benny Agosto ’95

Peterson-Hewitt Scholarship Fund

Richard J. Graving Award in International Law

Ryan Euan ’11 Memorial Award

Sam and Ruth Gross Memorial Scholarship

Sandra DeGraw Scholarship Endowment

Susan Anderson and Richard H. Anderson Jr. ’82

Susan Anderson and Richard H. Anderson Jr. ’82 Endowed

Susan Scoble Scholarship Award

The E.J. Salcines “Pass it On” Scholarship Fund

The Joe Allen Hughey Memorial Scholarship

The Marina and Bernardino Agosto, Sr., Award

Thomas Justin Treece Memorial Scholarship

Thomas M. Gregory Part-time Students Scholarship

Tobin A. Sparling Endowed Scholarship

Vinson and Elkins Public Interest Scholarship

Willard and Anne Levin Foundation Endowed Scholarship

William A. Allen Endowed Scholarship

William F. Woods III & Anne R. Woods Endowed Scholarship

William J. Steeger Scholarship Fund