South Texas Law Review, Vol. 62.2 – Full PDF


Summary Judgments in Texas: State and Federal  Practice

Judge David Hittner, Lynne Liberato, Kent Rutter, and Jeremy Dunbar 

A Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Impose Twenty-Four-Year Term Limits on Supreme Court Justices 

R. Randall Kelso

South Texas Law Review, Vol. 62.1 – Full PDF


Right of First Refusal Option Contracts: What They Are, Reoccurring Issues, and Simple Solutions 

Emilio R. Longoria 

The Future of the Freedom of Religion on State No-Aid Provisions: The Effect of Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue 

Ethan Szumanski 

Proposals for Incentivizing the Rescue of Life at Sea 

Martin Cohick 

The Udderly Problematic Beef Between States: Whether Employees Are Covered Under Equine and Farm Animal Liability Acts

Faryn Fort 

South Texas Law Review, Vol. 61.4 – Full PDF

27th Annual Ethics Symposium Diversity in the Criminal Justice System


Diversity in Decision-Making in the Criminal Justice System 

Guha Krishnamurthi


Thoughts on Diversity Within the Criminal Justice System 

Njeri Mathis Rutledge 

Ethical Issues Related to Mass Arrests 

Amanda J. Peters 

Race and Voir Dire 

Eric J. Davis 

Inside the Prosecution of a Hate Crime 

Sharad S. Khandelwal 


Racial Inequities in Military Justice: Deja Vu, All Over, and Over, Again

Dru Brenner-Beck & John H. Haymond 


Prosecuting Prosecutors: How the Criminal Justice System Fosters Injustice Through the Neglect of Prosecutorial Accountability 

Shruti Modi 

South Texas Law Review, Vol. 60.3 – Full PDF

South Texas Law Review Member Issue


Copyrights in Music in U.S. Interpretation: The Case for Moving Away From Easy and Nonsensical Findings of Copyright Infringement 

Grant Beiner

Against Public Policy: Enforceability of Exculpatory Clauses 

Maggie Lu

Betting it All on the Flip of a Coin: Regulating Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings and Protecting Investors 

Nathan Vrazel 

Overdosed: Analyzing the Causes and Potential Solutions for High Prescription Drug Prices in the United States 

Matthew Fiorello 

Is the Sky Really Falling? A Closer Look at the Current Pension “Crisis” and the Constitutionality of Retroactive Pension Reform 

Aaron Wallace 


Neighborhood Centers, Inc. v. Walker: The Curious Outcomes of New Charter School Legislation in Texas 

Brittny Mandarino 

Gunn v. McCoy: Should a Dead Person Receive Over Seven Million Dollars in Future Medical Expenses? 

Jolene Robin-McCaskill 

South Texas Law Review, Vol. 60.2 – Full PDF

25th Annual Ethics Symposium in Criminal Law


Craig Estlinbaum 


Expungment in Texas

Hannah Brewer 

The Pros and Cons of Texas’s Michael Morton Act

Kenneth Williams 

Choosing Choice: Empowering Indigent Criminal Defendants to Select Their Counsel 

Catherine Burnett 

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Shouldn’t the Punishment Fit the Crime? 

Mildred Scott 


Real Transparency: Increased Public Access to Police Body-Camera Footage in Texas 

David Trausch


Providing Legal Services to Inmates 

Bradford Colbert 

Standard of Certainty in Justifying a Criminal Charge 

Geoffrey Corn 

Prosecutors and Ethics in the Age of Restorative Justice 

Kim Ogg

Incarcerating Migrants 

Cesar Garcia Hernandez 

Ethical Responsibilities of the Conviction Integrity Unit 

Gerald Doyle 

Innocence Project of Texas 

Mike Ware 

South Texas Law Review, Vol. 60.1 – Full PDF

Summary Judgments in Texas: State and Federal Practice (2019)

Judge David Hittner and Lynne Liberato 

South Texas Law Review, Vol. 57.4 – Full PDF

Symposium: Ethical Issues in Family Law, Practice, and Policy 


Pamela E. George 


Sharia and Anti-Sharia: Ethical Challenges for the Cross-Cultural Lawyer Representing Muslim Women 

Andrew L. Milne 

The Buck Stops Here…Or Maybe Not 

Honorable David D. Farr and Calvin McLean 

In Re Lee: How the Parental Right to Self-Determination Came to Trump Judicial Authority 

Honorable Leta S. Parks 

Dirty Deeds Done Not Dirt Cheap 

Honorable Diane M. Guariglia 

When Evidentiary Matters Cross Ethical Boundaries 

Heather L. King, Jessica H. Janicek, and Paul M. Leopold 

“Why Can’t We Be ‘Friends’?”: Ethical Concerns in the Use of Social Media 

Vanessa S. Browne-Barbour 

Privacy Rights in a Public Society: Protecting Your Client and Yourself From Invasions of Privacy 

Reginald A. Hirsch 


Panel Discussion: The Real Zeal 

Marshall Davis Brown, Bobby Newman, J.D. “Bucky” Allshouse, Honorable Roy Moore, and Pamela E. George