Aarhus, Denmark

Eligible students from South Texas College of Law Houston or one of the partner schools in the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education may enroll for a full semester in anABA approved cooperative exchange program at the University of Aarhus School of Law.


The University of Aarhus is the second oldest and second largest university in Denmark. It has formal co-operation agreements with more than 260 educational institutions in Europe alone, and is in contact with approximately 500 institutions worldwide. The Law School is engaged in more than 40 bilateral agreements with European and American Law Schools. It should be noted that a Danish university education is not a “guided tour”. It is up to the individual student to get the most out of what is offered. Individual studies and participation in informal study groups with fellow students are encouraged.



u-denmarkThe university law study is a full time study. Teaching is offered in the form of lectures holding between 80 to 400 students, as well as classroom discussions in groups of 20 to 50 students. All courses under the law curriculum are open for guest students and several law courses each semester are taught in English.

The academic year is divided into two semesters as follows:

  • Autumn semester: September – January
  • Spring semester: February – June

Examinations are held in December/January and in May/June.

Students must register for examinations in all courses at the beginning of the semester. Examinations for U.S. law students are offered in English and may be written, oral or take-home exams. Exams can be scheduled early enough in the semester so that American students in Aarhus can return home prior to the beginning of the next semester. Guest students have full access to the State Library, a public library with 36,000 meters of bookshelves and over 25,000 titles on all subjects, both in Danish and foreign languages. In addition, the library is connected to various Danish and European CD-ROM databases, and cooperates closely with the departmental libraries.


tt-skien-centre04Denmark, one of Europe’s oldest kingdoms, is a country with a century old tradition of peace, democracy and welfare. Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city with a population of 270,000. The history of Aarhus dates back more than a thousand years and people have lived there since the Vikings settled at the mouth of the river. The town began to develop rapidly about 1860, when industrial growth attracted rural population to the town. The city has an outstanding location; surrounded by woods and bordered by beaches, it invites you to enjoy an extensive number of attractions.


The University of Aarhus arranges a pre-semester course in Danish Language and Culture for the students from abroad, twice a year, in January and August. It is a 3-1/2-week course with intensive language training every morning and introduction to Danish culture, social life and institutions or excursions in the afternoon. It is recommended that students attend this course before starting their study period at the University of Aarhus. The course aims at imparting linguistic skills sufficient for everyday use. It does not, however, give students enough knowledge of Danish to match an academic working level.


You can apply to become a guest student at the University of Aarhus if you have completed at least one year of full-time study or equivalent in part-time study, and are in good academic standing.

Students who are interested in applying to spend a long semester in Denmark should contact Assistant Dean Morrow at 713-646-1825, email at wmorrow@stcl.edu or stop by Room 835T. If you have an interest in practicing international law or have always wanted to immerse yourself in the culture of another county while earning course credit, this may be your chance to accomplish both objectives and enjoy the experience of Europe as well. Under terms of our cooperative agreement, students are not required to pay tuition or fees to the University of Aarhus, but continue to pay regular tuition and fees to their home school.

The University of Aarhus will assist students in finding lodging, and early application is required to secure housing. For information on housing prices and options in Aarhus, go to https://www.au.dk/en/is/housing.

Academic Requirements and Application Information

To participate in study abroad programs, law students must have completed the first year of study or its equivalent in part-time study and be in good academic standing as determined by their home institution. Check each program for application deadlines. For information and application forms, contact Assistant Dean Wanda Morrow wmorrow@stcl.edu or 713-646-1825.