Support the Program

Support the Program

The Advocacy Program has long thrived thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends. Motivations for supporting the Advocacy Program are varied and personal. Some people see the program as a vehicle for perpetuating values and making a difference in the legal community because of what our student advocates accomplish. Others value what they themselves received from their predecessors and hope to pass it along. Whatever your interests and concerns, we can match them with the program’s priorities and needs.

Judge a Practice Round

Our teams’ success largely depends on the active participation of the Houston legal community. Members of the bench and bar help train our competition teams by judging practice rounds. This exercise allows the team members to benefit from the wisdom and perspective of practitioners and judges.

Practice round judges are always needed to observe and critique moot court and mock trial teams. Judges are provided competition materials well before the practice round. Particularized knowledge of a specific substantive area of law is not necessary.

If you are available to judge a practice round, please contact the Board of Advocates by email boardofadvocates@stcl.edu. A Board of Advocates member will send you a confirmation email and the competition material.

Hire an Advocate

The Advocacy Program offers law students a rich variety of practical skills opportunities. Obviously, the experience provides innumerable benefits to students. One of the most fundamental jobs of an attorney is to effectively advocate for a client. The Advocacy Program focuses directly on developing that critical set of skills. Team members spend substantial time learning how to write persuasively and how to make the most powerful oral presentations that will withstand intense scrutiny by the court. These skills distinguish our advocates and make them ideally suited to hit the ground running in virtually any legal setting. We invite law firms, government agencies, public interest organizations, corporations, and others to utilize our advocates in meeting their hiring needs.

If you have hiring needs, please contact Robert L. Galloway at 713.646.2927, or email rgalloway@stcl.edu.