Institutional Assessment

What is Institutional Assessment?

Institutional assessment involves an ongoing, systematic process of data collection and analysis. The purpose is to monitor and understand whether an institution is achieving its goals and mission and seeking improvements in student learning, programs and services.


Office of Assessment and Research (OAR)

The OAR at STCL Houston collects data, analyzes information and conducts research to support strategic planning and institutional research and planning. STCL Houston uses its assessment program to evaluate all aspects of institutional effectiveness. In 2003, the law school created the Office of Assessment and Research.

The work of OAR is a critical component of institutional planning and evaluation. This office is active in the strategic planning process with regard to both planning and evaluation.

OAR conducts assessments throughout the institution. Assessment reports are used to inform the policy decisions made by the law school administration and the faculty. OAR reports to the associate dean for academics. The associate dean oversees the work of the office and works directly with it on assessment programs including strategic planning and evaluation.

Here is a summary of the work of OAR.