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The mission of South Texas College of Law Houston has served as inspiration for the school’s administrators since its founding in 1923, and continues to be the guiding light in shaping a positive future for the school and its students.

Mission Statement

Provide a diverse body of students with the opportunity to obtain an exceptional legal education, preparing graduates to serve their community and the profession with distinction.

Michael F. Barry
President and Dean

Steve Alderman
Vice President and General Counsel

Catherine Greene Burnett
Vice President and Associate Dean, Clinical Studies, and Professor of Law

Ted Field
Associate Dean, Faculty, and Professor of Law

Mindy Guthrie
Vice President, Philanthropy and Alumni Relations

Randy Marak
Vice President, Information Technology

Shelby A. Dickerson Moore
Vice President, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Professor of Law

 Mark E. Steiner
Associate Dean, Students, and Professor of Law

 Diane Summers
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

 Cherie O. Taylor
Associate Dean, Education Program, and Professor of Law

Jennifer Hudson
Senior Executive Assistant to the President & Dean and Corporate Secretary