Beginning Tuesday, March 17 and until further notice, STCL Houston will close to outside visitors and only essential personnel will be expected to report to work. Supervisors will reach out to staff with additional information on modified operations. Staff should contact their supervisors or HR with questions. The school will provide additional updates as they become available. Please visit for updated information.

South Texas College of Law Houston

Tell Us Your Stories!

You are “making it work in the age of COVID-19” and WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORIES!

Despite hardships and modified schedules, the South Texas family is overcoming challenges, altering routines, and creating a new “normal” as you balance distance learning, studying, working from home, parenting, caring for loved ones, exercising, socializing, and more!

We want to hear how you are making it work — and even thriving — during this historic time.

Above all, we want you to TELL US YOUR STORIES!

Tag your social media posts with #STCLTogetherApart to spread the word of our united community!

And please submit your positive, heartwarming, and even challenging experiences of this pandemic by uploading any of the following in the spaces below:

  • Written submissions (50 to 200 words)
  • Photos / selfies
  • Short videos
  • Humorous anecdotes
  • Artwork / hobbies, and more!

Potential stories might include:

  • Modified home workspaces
  • New study/work routines
  • Zoom classes or study groups
  • Child or pet “co-workers”
  • South Texas “Heroes” going above-and-beyond to help others
  • Giving back to the Houston community
  • Humorous technology mishaps
  • Virtual celebrations (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new babies, etc.)
  • Unique COVID-19 modifications (i.e. exercising, cooking, family time, entertainment, etc.)

Please note: Submitted stories will be collected for the school’s archives to document how the South Texas community adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distance Learning Stories
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