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Suggested Software:

Operating System:

We suggest using Microsoft Windows Operating Systems - They have the best support from many software/hardware vendors, and are easy to use, manage, and keep up to date.

Antivirus Software:

We suggest using either Norton or McAfee antivirus software. They are the two most popular vendors who have very good software support and quick virus definition updates. There are other vendors that provide a free - basic version of Antivirus, visit the Useful Links for more information.

Web Browser:

Internet Explorer 8.0 with all of the updates is the best solution with Firefox coming in a close second. The only reason Internet Explorer is our pick is because it has more compatibility with some sites. Firefox is a very good browser with good functionality also. The best bet is to install and try both and just use your favorite.

Word Processing Software:

Our productivity suite of choice is Microsoft Office - it is easy to use, has great functionality, and is the most widely used product, which means it will be easy to share files with others - even between Mac and PC.

Other Tips:

Please look at our Security Section for more extremely useful tips.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email at or call 713.646.8040 x. 1555


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