Houston College of Law Computer Usage Policy

Statement of Purpose

Houston College of Law (STCL) has established computer services for students for the following purposes:

  • To enhanceHouston College of Lawstudents' legal education by providing the ability to conduct legal research.
  • To improve communications among students, faculty, staff, and the legal community.

Conditions of Student Computer Account Usage

Services may be terminated or modified at any time without notice. Your account may be terminated for violation of this policy. The following guidelines will govern the use of the student account:

  1. STCL reserves the right to access all information stored in its computers for the purpose of insuring compliance with the conditions stated in this document, applicable state and federal laws, and proper operation of the system.There is no privacy nor expectation of privacy associated with this account.
  2. Only the account ID assigned by the Houston College of Law Information Systems Manager may be used. The student to whom the account is assigned is the only person authorized to use the account. The student agrees to keep the account password confidential. Please report any unauthorized use of your account to the Information Systems Manager
  3. STCL uses student email accounts for official college communications. It is the students responsibility to monitor his/herHouston College of Lawaccount. WhileHouston College of Lawdoes not forbid forwarding to outside accounts, forwarded messages are not stored on STCL's mail server. Students assume full responsibility for missed messages if forwarding is enabled on the account.
  4. The student must notify Houston College of Law Information Systems Manager within two weeks after leaving the college for any reason. Accounts will be terminated at the start of the first fall semester for which the student is no longer registered. No grace period for continued service will be granted without express permission from the Information Technology Manager.
  5. The total size of student files stored on the system will be limited.
  6. The student must not represent himself/herself as an official representative of the College.
  7. STCL and its employees are not responsible for damage caused by hardware and software changes made for the purpose of interacting with STCL's system.
  8. Accounts are to be used for authorized purposes only.

Authorized uses include but are not limited to these examples:

  • E-mail.
  • FTP of shareware or public domain software.
  • Gopher.
  • Web browsing.
  • Telnet.
  • News services.

Unauthorized uses include, but are not limited to these examples:

  • Transfer of software or data in violation of any license or copyright.
  • Personal web pages.
  • Commercial purposes, including advertising and selling for profit.
  • Unauthorized access to any system or alteration of data on any system, within or without STCL.
  • Any activity which degrades the operation of STCL's computer system or which precludes reasonable use by others or interferes with the statement of purpose above.
  • Obscenity.
  • Harassment, including abusive or threatening language, or continued unwelcome communications with another individual.
  • Chain letters.
  • Use by or transfer of this account to others.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email at callcenter@stcl.edu or call 713.646.8040 x. 1555




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