Gas Leak, Fume, & Vapor

If you detect natural gas, fumes or vapors:

  • Evacuate the building using the nearest emergency exit stairwell (Exhibit B).
  • Do NOT use the elevators.
  • If you are not able to get down the stairs, have someone notify the Front Security Desk at (713) 646-1743 or 8-911 from a campus phone (or 911 from a cell phone) and give them your location, when they are away from the location and it is safe to do so.
  • Do NOT pull the fire alarm.
  • Do NOT use telephones (including cell phones).
  • Do NOT touch light switches, electrical equipment, or anything that could cause a spark.
  • Take personal belongings (keys, purses/wallets, etc) with you.
  • Proceed to one of the designated Evacuation Assembly Points (EAP) as shown on the attached map (Exhibit A).
  • After you have evacuated, call the Natural Gas Leak Hotline at (713) 659-2111, or (888) 876-5786.
  • Wait for further instructions – never attempt to return to the campus area until instructed it is safe to do so by a designee of the College.

*numbers in bold denote on campus phone extension.