• Anyone designated to open College mail should wear protective gloves as well as masks that cover both the mouth and nose (these are provided by the College and can be picked up from Purchasing, Room 820T).
  • Everyone should familiarize themselves with the Guidelines for Identifying Suspicious Mail.
  • DO NOT OPEN any suspicious mail! If you receive suspicious mail, immediately call the Mailroom staff (x1781) who will pick up the mail and handle it in accordance with established procedures.
  • Mailroom personnel will wear the lab coats, gloves, and masks provided by the College when handling suspicious mail.
  • Mailroom personnel will place the suspicious item in an empty bin in the Mailroom and immediately call the Front Security Desk at (713) 646-1743, and then notify the Director of Security & Office Services at (713) 646-1889.
  • Mailroom personnel handling the suspicious mail will remain in the Mailroom and will not allow access to anyone other than authorized emergency and HAZMAT personnel.
  • Security personnel will immediately dial 8-911 from a campus phone (or 911 from a cell phone).
  • The Director of Security & Office Services will immediately notify the President & Dean, Associate Deans, and the Senior Vice President and CFO.

*numbers in bold denote on campus phone extension.